Who to Keep for SPL

By Nachos. Art by Zracknel and ium.
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The Smogon Premier League is probably my favorite tournament on Smogon. I liked team based tourneys and you get to meet new people, not to mention you get a trophy at the end of it if you win. I also like all the drama and tears too, but I'm not here for that today. Instead, I'm going to be discussing who I think will be retained for SPL. The people who usually are did very well in the last SPL and aren't too expensive to retain, as their price is increased by an amount on top of what they were bought for last time. So say if Kevin Garrett bought reyscarface for 12000 in SPL2, he would have to retain rey for 15000 in SPL3 if he wanted. You can read about how it works here. Let's move onto the teams:

The Alpha Ruiners

I imagine The_Chaser will probably captain again. I can see him retaining Blightbringer for 10000. A good choice seeing as he went 6-3 last time round. Crystal_ is another one, who went 7-3 for them in RBY. However, he would cost 14500 this time round, and seeing as RBY is almost decided on whoever freezes Chansey first, I'm not sure if Chaser will be willing to spend that much. Earthworm is obviously very good, but that 33000 price tag is steep. However, he's good at every generation and having him on the team for advice and testing alone is invaluable. Folgorio went 7-3 and I can't see Chaser losing him, even if he is worth 13000. That is if he decides to return. McMeghan is good, but I don't think Chaser will spend 22500 to retain him, especially if he's going to be retaining Earthworm as well. It'll be one or the other I reckon. Pi face who went 8-1 in Ubers last time is a steal and will very likely be bought for 13500.

I also imagine kael will be retained, it would be outrageous to think otherwise. All in all, a tough choice for the Alpha Ruiners captain. He has many fantastic picks to choose from, but obviously he can't choose all of them or otherwise he'll be left with little for the actual auction.

The Circus Maximus Tigers

Probably going to be led by little gk. I don't see him retaining anyone with the exception of one of the VGC players, who I doubt will join. Zebraiken is excellent at BW NU though, and I think GK will want to have at least one player in his pocket, even if he's worth 13000. Another possible option is Thatsjustpeachy. She went 4-2 last time around and made a name for herself by getting to the finals of Smogon Tournament 8.

The Congregation of the Classiest

Like above, I don't see anyone but ToF being retained here, even if he'll be 18000. Being able to play multiple gens well will prove useful in the testing periods for other team members. Like Folgrorio, ToF has recently quit playing Pokemon, so it could possibly be that nobody at all is retained by the Classiest.

The Cryonicles

I can see Carl possibly being retained for 14000, however he faces the same problem as Crystal_ before him. If Huntofthelion will be captaining again, then I can see him spending big money on retaining Krack, Lady Bug, and panamaxis, a bunch of OU powerhouses and ticking that off the list. The final total would be a whopping 60000, half of the money he can spend. For that reason, I can see him retaining one or two of them at most, likely Lady Bug as he's the cheapest and Krack quit.

The Ever Grande BIGs

If DracoMalfoy returns, then he'll be a steal for 13000, going 7-3 last season. He would be able to provide invaluable support in ADV and DPP, two tiers where the quality of play is high. idiotfrommars went 9-1 last time, being one of the best players in SPL3 by record. I can easily see him retained for 13000 also. Jorgen is an excellent old gen player and would be a great pick for 12000, rounding off the old gens nicely. If Sixonesix decides to play, then I think he would be considered to play for VGC. He would be worth 16000, but his record of 8-2 last time round shows. MarceloDK went 6-0 in SPL3, and paying 10000 this season for him to play BW2 UU would be a good idea.

The Indie Scooters

6A9 Ace Matador will very likely be retained by Atticus or whoever is captaining the Scooters. He went 8-2 last time in a very competitive tier, and would only be 13500 this time round. Another fantastic pick would be Windsong, who would be retained for 13000. He went 7-3 in BW RU, and getting top notch players in the lower tiers is hard as they all tend to be pinched early on. The choice of whether to retain ]V[ajinTupacZ for 10000 is an easy one, considering he previously went 6-0. Finally, I can see BKC, a safe BW2 OU player, being retained for 10000.

The Dragonspiral Tyrants

Possibly going to be led by Kevin Garrett, I see Ginku as a definite retain. For 10000, you get someone who went 7-1 last season and is well versed in the lower tiers. If ENZ0 and muffinhead were to return, then I can see them being retained too, as they were very successful in ADV OU and VGC respectively, going 7-2 and 6-1. However, ENZ0 would cost 16000 if he were to be retained, which is a significant amount. Both Heist and twash are good players who did well, but the amount they would cost if retained is staggering if the Tyrants captain also decides to retain Ginku. Regardless, I can see one of them being retained at the very least. Ginku, Heist, and twash are all good in the three OU tiers, and that is invaluable for testing.

The Stark Sharks

With the exception of a sturdy player in wilson46 who would be retained for 13000, I don't see anybody who will be retained here. Ciele and Conflict are possibilities, but I think reachzero would be too much at 18500. However, the Sharks face the same problem as the Classiest - wilson recently quit too, which could mean they'd have nobody to retain.

The Team Raiders

I think JabbaTheGriffin will 100% retain M Dragon, a player excellent in every gen and can provide good support with teambuilding, even if he'll be 18500. I can see him going for [K12]The Madchine too, a sort of secret weapon as you will. Scimjara for 15000 is an excellent choice, considering he went 8-2 in DPP OU, only problem is that he's quit, giving the Raiders the same brain drain other teams are facing. Finally, spies is strong in GSC and ADV, and I think Jabba as an ADV player will want to prioritize covering his old gens before BW.

The Wi-Fi Wolfpack

I see only one person at most being retained here. While the Wolfpack can call upon some good players in Iconic and Veteran In Love, it would be too expensive to retain more than one of them, with the latter going for 24000 himself.


I hope you enjoyed this article and I solemnly hope you were not offended if you were not mentioned here, truly and honestly.