SPL Drama

By Windsong. Art by Zracknel.
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Stark Sharks

SPL Preseason Recap

SPL4 is off to quite a bang this year, with some changes in management, with Fabbles (and then symphonyx64) taking over the prestigious position of SPL Commissioner as LonelyNess stepped down in order to manage the second greatest source of controversy so far in SPL4: The Smog Frogs. In fact, a lot of general dislike for former commissioner LonelyNess, as well as some rather unorthodox bidding strategies, led to a significant portion of the team going AWOL before the season had even started. Most notably, Noodlez made his first and last impact on this SPL, refusing to play for the Smog Frogs and then fleeing the tournament in order to avoid risk of retribution from LonelyNess. Similarly, evan, an accidental pickup by LonelyNess who was simply attempting to upbid the Indie Scooters at the time, proceeded to attempt to destroy the Frogs internally before eventually being traded off to the Cryonicles.

The Stark Sharks are off to a rather shady season, picking up player Warhammer at the auction, with nobody entirely sure who he was other than a select few old generation players. Inevitably, it was assumed that he was another locopoke alt, given that locopoke alts generally have uncreative names such as "darmanitan stan" rather than the much more innovative "tree man 69". Upon further investigation, however, it was revealed that Warhammer was not a locopoke alt, but rather the alt of user make. Albeit make having only two posts and Warhammer only one, having multiple accounts on Smogon is prohibited, especially in tours such as SPL, and Warhammer was immediately removed from the Stark Sharks' roster. This prompted a storm of angry activity from the Sharks, culminating in MoP's threatening to pull the Sharks out of the SPL and letting the league continue with only nine teams. After about ten minutes however, upon realizing that nobody really gave that much of a damn, MoP relented, and the league continues as planned.

Check back after SPL Week 2 for another issue of SPL Drama, and may the odds ever be in your team's favor!