SPL Week 2 Summary

By Sir.
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Week 2 of SPL was completely different from week 1, but of course there was still drama. Whereas last week was filled with upsets and a ton of close series', this week was filled with embarrassing blowouts, JabbaTheGriffin's tears, and the deflation of Lavos Spawn's ego. The first match of the series was between the Ruiners and the Raiders. Both of these teams were in the playoffs last season so it was only natural to assume that this series would be close. It's not like the Raiders lack individual talent as the squad has plenty of successful players, such as M Dragon and TheFourthChaser. However, they were demolished. To make matters worse for the Raiders, they won the first game of the week. Little did they know, though, they would never win a game that week again. The Raiders now find themselves in last place with a terrible battle differential of -12 while the Ruiners have clawed their way to fifth place.

The second blowout of the week featured the Cryonicles and the Classiest, with the Classiest on the losing end. Similarly to the Raiders, the Classiest aren't a team of scrubs. They have trophy holders, a VGC superstar in Cybertron, a very strong French player in Vinc2612, and Earthworm. What made this blowout so interesting is that prior to the season, many considered the Classiest early playoff favorites. It is only week two so the Classiest still have 7 weeks to field a comeback. But for now they lie in ninth place.

The third series of the week featured the Tigers and the Bigs. Unlike the above series, this series was actually close! It started off in the favor of the Tigers with MOET and Austinf providing early week wins, as well as DestinyUnknown with the aid of the RNG. The Bigs began to tighten the series with Rewer's win over Thatsjustpeachy. However, TV-Rocka defeated undisputed in a game where TV-Rocka had Breloom and undisputed had 0 Breloom answers. With the series at 4-1 it seemed like an easy victory for the Tigers. Mr.E, also known as the best, answered the prayers of the Bigs and defeated RoyalFlush with the aid of his legendary Fire Blast Machamp. Bad Romance and syrim won their games and the series was 4-3 heading into Sunday. I managed to defeat kael with the aid of a critical hit on Porygon2 while bro_fist defeated idiotfrommars in a clean game. Huy ended the series by defeating Sixonsix in a luck polluted series with multiple freezes. Although the final score between the two teams was not very close, it could've been different if there was less luck.

The series between the Frogs and the Scooters was a tight one with minimal luck, unless you ask 6A9 Ace Matador. Ojama started the week off by ending yan[sogeking]'s .dancin and the previously undefeated record of Brazilians. Dekzeh, also known as B is For Brutus, also known for wanting to ban Dugtrio, defeated 6A9 Ace Matador. Although this game was rather normal, Ace Matador had to find an excuse as to why he lost because he is the best player in the world. An argument about luck that didn't even play a factor in the game blew up and there was a 2-page shouting fest between the Scooters and the Frogs. Windsong joined the fray when he lost to the Texas Cloverleaf due to an early critical hit. Taylor ignored the senseless arguing and defeated Masterclass while reachzero 6-0'd Blue_Star. reachzero has yet to lose a single Pokemon this SPL. bearsfan092 defeated Synre, and Colchonero ended the series by defeating skarm with Belly Drum Snorlax.

The series between the Wolfpack and the Shark was not interesting due to high quality battles, hilarious plays, or similar tournament nonsense. Similarly to the other series between the Classiest and the Cryonicles or the Ruiners and the Raiders, this series was a blowout, or, in the words of Lady_Bug, there was no prey for the Sharks. Things get interesting when King, more commonly known as jasonpwn, took the win over Soulwind when the Spanaird disconnected on turn 4. King said that his manager, Limitless, forced him to take the win. Naturally, outrage spewed all over #spl and the forums. Funkasaurus even made a warstory of the game which can be found here, here, here, and and here. Other than the aforementioned game this series was one-sided and boring.

As always, here are some of the better games that took place.