Smogon Premier League Weeks 3 and 4 Summary

By Sir.
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Weeks 3 through 4 of SPL featured the fall of Limitless and 350 Speed Hidden Power Fire Latios. We'll start this story with the Ruiners, a team that is desperate to prove that they're still a great team despite their mediocre early performance. Things didn't get too much better for the Ruiners in the third week as they lost to the Bigs in a very tight series. In week 4, the Ruiners found themselves against the Classiest, another team with a weak early season. It seemed like the Ruiners would be able to tie up the series with Brazilian superstar pi face left to face off against Problems, a user who had yet to win a game at the time. Problems was able to defeat pi face and the Ruiners now find themselves in last place.

The Classiest began week 3 at the bottom of the totem pole and unfortunately for them, nothing really changed. They began week 3 pitted against the Raiders, another team desperate to prove themselves. Contrary to what both teams hoped for, the series ended in a tie in a clean and non-drama filled series. The Classiest then found themselves against the Ruiners. When it seemed like the Ruiners were going to be able to tie up the series, Problems was able to clutch a win versus pi face. I managed to find time to talk to Earthworm about his team's new strategy for turning their season around.

[20:53] Danilo: Earthworm
[20:54] Danilo: what do the classiest plan on doing
[20:54] Danilo: to prove themselves and rise in the rankings
[20:54] Earthworm|Away: winning

The Wolfpack started off week 3 with drama. After MOET defeated jasonpwn, evidence surfaced and it turned out that Limitless was actually ghosting jasonpwn. As the player base laughed out loud and demanded justice, symphonx64 banished Limitless from this season of SPL and jasonpwn was given a one week suspension. Despite being dealt a bad hand, the Wolfpack fought hard, barely losing to the Tigers. Things only got worse for the Wolfpack when Poppy decided that he no longer wanted to play for the Wolfpack and DittoCrow, the new manager of the Wolfpack, was forced to obtain the seemingly inactive DarkLoic in exchange for the 0-3 Ubers veteran. However, the Wolfpack howled strong and somehow managed to defeat the Bigs, even with an activity loss. I spoke to self-proclaimed metagame ruiner DracoMalfoy on Sunday night about the Wolfpack's astounding victory.

[21:57] Danilo: so you guys were pretending to be bad so that you could win later
[21:57] Danilo: y/n
[21:58] dmalfoy: Y
[21:58] dmalfoy: DEFINITELY YY

The Sharks and the Tigers continued to have strong performances throughout weeks 3-4. Both teams were able to defeat their opponents in a tight series in week 3, but the Tigers continued winning with their defeat over the Frogs in a haxy series. Although Heist lost to Blightbringer largely due to an important turn 1 Stone Edge miss, thus tying the series between the Sharks and the Cryonicles, the Sharks still find themselves at second place.

Week 3 for the Cryonicles was quite atrocious as they were demolished by the Scooters. But, their two previous wins kept them afloat at third place for the time being. Fast forward to Sunday night. The score is 6-5 in favor of the Sharks and Blighbringer shows to play Heist without having prepared a team. Blightbringer answered the prayers of the Cryoinicles and defeated Heist; to be fair, he probably would've lost or would've been at a pretty mediocre position if it wasn't for a lucky Stone Edge miss. Regardless, the Cryonicles managed to tie up the series and remain at third place. I managed to talk to Cryonicles manager yondie after he was done banning and unbanning the lowly former Cryonicle, HSA.

[21:31] yondie: oh this is an actual interview?
[21:32] Danilo: barely
[21:32] yondie: i plan on buying everyone
[21:32] yondie: and i play on benching blarajan
[21:32] yondie: plan*
[21:32] yondie: and btw i'd like to give a nice shoutout to lamppost: fuck you
[21:32] yondie: <3
[21:32] Danilo: excellent
[21:33] yondie: lastly, carl is a flashy user
[21:33] yondie: thats about all thats on my mind atm

The Frogs started off the season by silencing their seemingly endless haters by defeating the Classiest in week 1 and the Scooters in week 2. Weeks 3-4 proved to be disappointing for the Frogs as they lost to the Sharks and the Tigers in a very tight series. Specifically, the series between the Frogs and the Tigers could have ended in favor of the Frogs if it wasn't for luck, a gargantuan choke by yan[sogeking], and a poor team choice by reachzero. Upon further investigation, I may have found the true reason as to why the Frogs lost the past two weeks

[21:25] joshe: what do i do everyday you ask?
[21:25] joshe: for the frogs?
[21:25] joshe: i scout and build teams
[21:25] joshe: 24/7

The Scooters and the Bigs had very similar weeks 3-4. Both won their week 3 matches, the Scooters in particular demolished the Cryonicles in 9-3 fashion, while both teams lost in the following week. Both teams remain tied for fourth place, but the Scooters have a positive battle differential of +2. Lets end this article with some of the better games from weeks 3-4.