Smogon Tour ADV OU Week 1 Coverage

By Governess.
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As strange as it might sound, we have ended up with an undeclared game for the first match of the Smogon Tour on Friday, September 6. Both reyscarface and 6A9 Ace Matador, our two finalists, have agreed upon a draw during the end of their match. While it is rather peculiar, their decision has been respected, and they still receive the points earned through the semifinals. They also did not wish to release any information about the match in great detail, but nonetheless, congratulations to the both of them for being the first finalists in this year's Smogon Tour!

Experienced in many official Smogon tournaments, Malekith hailed as the winner against llvallejoll in the finals on Saturday, September 7. In the finals, Malekith used a stall-based team, aiming to lay Spikes on the field and slowly destroy the opposition. With many impressive predictions against his opponent in early-game, Malekith's Blissey and Suicune were successful in setting up Calm Mind, which aided in KOing the majority of llvallejoll's team, including his last Pokemon, Claydol (who has made many attempts to keep Spikes at bay, but ultimately failed). Congratulations to Malekith for the win!

Finally, Texas Cloverleaf has claimed the final win of week 1 in the Smogon Tour against Private on Sunday, September 8. Texas Cloverleaf has been a member of Smogon since DPP's release and has lurked throughout mid 2010 before getting into tournaments; not long after that, he has had massive success since, as he captained Team Canada to a victory in the Pokemon Online World Cup this year. Being a player who majors in balanced and offensive-based playstyles, Texas Cloverleaf used a Calm Mind-centered team in the finals. Private and Texas were fairly matched, as they lost their Pokemon at a similar rate. At that moment, despite Celebi and Jirachi being the main MVPs of the team due to their vast versatility as sweepers, it became clear to Texas that he should reserve his Raikou for a endgame sweep. That same goal was was successfully accomplished, KOing the remaining three of Private's Pokemon. Congratulations to Texas Cloverleaf for strategic thinking that earned him the victory, and stay tuned for week 2 of the Smogon Tour 16!