Smogon Tour BW2 OU Week 3 Coverage

By Governess.
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BKC began play competitively in May 2009 in Wi-Fi battles, but he didn't join the tournament community until later that year in December. BKC is very well-known as a stall player; it's a generally reliably playstyle for him, as he finds himself thinking his way out to win matches more often than with an offensive team. However, he makes sure to switch teams every once in a while to catch his opponent off-guard, which aided him greatly in this tournament. On Friday, September 20, BKC took part in the Smogon Tour and made it to the 3-man finals against Reiku and Conflict. In his match against Reiku, BKC used an offensive team heavily centered around Froslass, which went well in his favor because his opponent was aiming to counter BKC's predicted stall team. With Breloom, BKC managed to cleanly sweep Reiku in his match. Against Conflict, his second opponent, BKC used a rain team with great defensive presence. Both players were well-matched in the first few rounds, but Kyurem and Celebi started to stand out the following turns, defeating the majority of Conflict's crew. Congratulations to BKC for the outstanding wins!

While it was initially difficult for MAlkaviano to pitch in on Smogon threads due to English not being his first language, one of the players asked him to join in on a tour, and he has been playing competitively ever since. From VoltTurn to stall to balanced, MAlkaviano has a variety of playstyles he is comfortable in. On Saturday, September 21, MAlkaviano played against CTC in the final round; MAlkaviano used a balanced team with an Amoonguss, believe it or not! MAlkaviano played extremely well in this match, as his smart predictions and good plays earned him a 4-0 win against his opponent. Congrats to MAlkaviano for the victory!

Mainly participating in the tournaments section, AkhiMarth has joined in many prestigious tournaments, specifically being on Team Asia in the WCoP VIII and holding the Smogon Premier League trophy. AkhiMarth played in this year's Smogon Tour on Sunday, September 22, against skulltula in the final round; Marth used an offensive hail team in this match with Reuniclus being the main focus. In the final showdown between AkhiMarth's Reuniclus and skulltula's Toxicroak, a little hax took place; Toxicroak's Ice Punch managed to freeze Reuniclus. skulltula used this advantage to set up Swords Dance, but inevitably, Reuniclus thawed out in the nick of time, KOing Toxicroak with Psyshock. Congratulations to AkhiMarth for the win!