Smogon Tour ADV OU Week 4 Coverage

By Governess.
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CrashinBoomBang is once again placed under the spotlight as the winner of a Smogon Tour; he had already built an impressive point score and won a DPP tournament earlier this season. With such drive to pursue the wins, it would be expected that cbb has some sort of ambition that is leading him through this tour. Unfortunately, that theory isn't the case, as he personally stated that he loses all will to continue playing in tournaments once he is in the top 16. Was that a bluff, or will he come out as the victor? Future questions aside, cbb made it to the final round of the ADV OU tournament on Friday, September 27, along with Go10 and DracoMalfoy. In his first match, Go10 placed him in an undesirable position, as he was able to set up Spikes with Skarmory and phaze a few members of cbb's team around to inflict damage. However, cbb managed to pull himself together, and with the help of CurseLax and Tyranitar he managed to flip the game around in his favor. Already boasting a win against Go10 as well, it was the match between DracoMalfoy and cbb that would determine it all. While it was a tight game throughout the match, cbb had the upper hand with CurseLax, which could wall and take on the majority of Malfoy's team, earning him the win. Congratulations to CrashinBoomBang for a well-deserved win!

Eternal joined Smogon in April of 2008 and began to play competitively since the release of Diamond and Pearl. He has been considered as a 'dark horse' back then due to the fact that very few people knew who he was despite his large presence in the tournament forum. Some major tournament accomplishments by him was making it to the semi-finals of Smogon Tour 6 and winning the Smogon Premier League 2 with the The Stark Sharks. On Saturday, September 28, Eternal had made it to the finals alongside High Impulse and Hot N Cold. In his first match against Hot N Cold, Eternal cleanly sweeped Hot N Cold's team with the combination of Milotic, Flygon, and Salamence, making smart switches along the way. Against High Impulse, Eternal could not sweep so easily against him, and in the last critical seconds of the match, hope was seemingly lost when Eternal's Heracross was sound asleep. However, Heracross managed to wake up and defeat High Impulse's Smeargle, giving Eternal a 2-0 victory against his opponents. Congrats to Eternal for the victory!

Lowgock has been playing Pokemon competitively since the beginning of 2010; he truly began to play tournaments on several German Pokemon websites but with little success, so he decided to sign up on Smogon to develop further and joined tournaments here. Conflict, a fellow Smogonite, gave Lowgock the opportunity to play for team Germany in the recent WCoP, which wounded as a great experience for him. His favorite playstyle is balanced; teams with an equilibrium between offense and defense are his favorite! As for tier selections, Lowgock enjoys the ADV metagames as well as the fifth generation ones. In the final round of the Smogon Tour for week 4 on Sunday, September 29, Lowgock was pitted against Fakes and DestinyUnknown. However, all three players netted a win in the finals, which resulted in a second round robin finals. Fakes had to leave early, leaving Lowgock and DestinyUnknown to settle it. Lowgock had a rather horrible start to this battle, losing his Celebi early on and letting his opponent set up three layers of Spikes. That said, Lowgock composed himself and made an amazing comeback at the end of the match, using a +2 Dragon Dance Tyranitar to outspeed and KO both DestinyUnknown's Aerodactyl and Dugtrio. Congratulations to Lowgock for the win, and that puts us at the halfway mark of the Smogon Tour 16!