Summer of #Tournaments

By Governess.
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Starting from the beginning of June, each week had tournaments that took place on the IRC channel, #tournaments, where the pairings were made. This certainly wasn't your average tournament; instead of signing up beforehand, the players actually signed up on the IRC channel itself, and the pairings went from there! Varying from BW2 OU to Tier Shift, this is was anything but a generic tournament, and anyone could jump in and take part!

Of course, no tournament can hold together without their hosts and hostesses! FireMage, Cherub Agent, Furai, Lady Salamence, iss, Vinc2612, and Birkal all took time from their schedules to make this tournament happen, so give them all a pat on the back when you can. Now, what you all have been waiting for...let's go in-depth of the tournaments that took place.

Week 1 (June 24th - June 30th)

This tournament started off with some pretty common tiers. On June 24th, a BW2 OU tournament hosted by FireMage took place, and Bad Ass defeated Finer in the finals. Unfortunately, for the following dates, Smogon experienced some downtime due to a DDoS attack. While it was fantastic that the tournament wasn't set back because of this—way to stay dedicated, Smogon!—we could not record the runner-up of the tournament; we give our deepest apologies. Anyways, on June 26th, Furai hosted a BW2 Ubers tournament, and Sweep came out as the victor. Finally, on June 30th, FireMage hosted a BW2 UU tournament, where MarceloDK took home the win. Congratulations to our finalists this week!

Week 2 (July 1st - July 7th)

Because of Smogon's downtime, no runner-ups could be recorded for this week. On July 1st, FireMage hosted a BW2 RU tournament, and B-Lulz took hold of the victory. On the 4th of July, where the United States were watching fireworks, ebeast was a celebrating a triumphant victory of his on in a BW2 tournament that was hosted by FireMage. Finally, on July 7th, Smogon's very own head Tournament Director, Bloo, decided to join in on the action, as he won the Randbats tournament that was hosted by FireMage. Congrats to all of our finalists, and let's move on to Week 3!

Week 3 (July 8th - July 14th)

This week's tournaments were mainly cemented around the Little Cup metagames, and iss hosted all the tournaments that took place. On July 8th, a standard LC tournament commenced, and The Kyle defeated Double01 in the finals. Next, on July 11th, another standard LC tournament was held, and Elevator Music triumphed over Double01 in the finals. Finally, on July 13th, a Randbats tourney took place; in the finals, it was between tehy and CrashinBoomBang, in which tehy won the match. Excellent job to all our shining Smogonites this week!

Week 4 (July 15th - July 21st)

This week had some exciting metagames tournaments, which were all hosted by Lady Salamence. On July 15th, a Smogon Doubles tournament took place, and it boiled down to a three-man battle between Nollan, Fusxfaranto, and Terraquaza. Fusxfaranto defeated both of his opponents and took home the win. On July 17th, a Tier Shift tournament went underway, and it ended up as another three-man royale between Bloo, CBTerrakion, and one of our Tournament Directors, Vinc2612. It was an exciting matchup, with Vinc2612 coming out on top. A Balanced Hackmons tournament was planned, but because of a poor turnout, it couldn't happen. Nonetheless, it was an exhilarating week for our players, and congratulations to the finalist!

Week 5 (July 22nd - July 28th)

While a DPP and a CAP-based tournament was planned, it didn't carry out, unfortunately. However, the week still held a Draft tournament, which was held by FireMage! We ended up with a three-man tie between CBTerrakion, atomicllamas, and shnen. With Week 5 quickly ending and the summer as a whole slowly dwindling, we press on to Week 6!

Week 6 (July 29th - August 4th)

In this week, the participates played past generations of the original OU metagame, and Vinc2612 hosted all the tournament this week. On July 30th, a DPP OU tournament was held; yan[sogeking] defeated BKC in the finals. On the first day of August, players participated in an ADV OU tournament. BKC rose from the previous loss and defeated Hot N Cold. Finally, on August 4th, we went old-school with an RBY tournament, and Vinc2612 defeated majaspic22 in the final round. Give a round of applause to all our finalists this week!

Week 7 (August 5th - August 11th)

While the planned GSC OU and RBY OU with tradebacks tournaments didn't happen, we still had our DPP OU tournament, which was hosted by FireMage. However, the host decided to take a snooze during the tourney, which is understandable for someone who has spent so much time making this tournament happened. Unfortunately, a winner couldn't be declared, but with that being said, let's congratulate the semi-finalists: Ruppy, papai noel, kingmitus, MarceloDK, and Eo!

Week 8 (August 12th - August 18th)

No teambuilding were required for this week's tournaments, and every match was a best-of-three affair! On August 12th, FireMage hosted a Randbats tournament, and Darkloic came out on top against Fuzznip. On August 14th, FireMage hosted a Seasonals tournament; for those who don't know, Seasonals has the same format as a Randbat match, but the Pokemon and the theme reflect the month! The players on the left side of the tournament bracket decided which Seasonals match they wanted to play for each match. In the finals, CBTerrakion battled against Celever in a June Jubilee Seasonals, in which you had to prevent your Delibird from fainting! In a Delibird battle to the death, Celever secured the win. Finally, on August 17th, a 1vs1 Challenge Cup tournament—where Pokemon items and even the movesets are COMPLETELY randomized—which was held by Vinc2612 took place, and Double01 bested Maxou in the finals. Congratulations to all the finalists and participates for an exciting turnout this week!

Week 9 (August 19th - August 26th)

This is the final week of the Summer of #Tournaments before the playoffs, and to let it end in a bang, every day has a tournament: 7 days, 7 tours! On Day 1, an OU tournament hosted by Vinc2612 took place with Soulgazer defeating PsYch071c in the finals. On Day 2, Furai hosted an Ubers tourney, and in a final match between Vinc2612 and Dice, Dice came out on top. On Day 3, FireMage ran an UU tournament, and PsYch071c reigned supreme in a three-way finals against RT. and OO8. On Day 4, hosted by Vinc2612, a RU tournament went underway, and Cristal won against Soulgazer in the final round. On Day 5, a NU tourney hosted by FireMage was held. In the end, Cherub Agent won it all against Vinc2612 in the finals. On Day 6, Furai hosted a LC tourney in which Chieliee defeated Dcae in the finals. Finally, on Day 7, FireMage hosted a final Randbats tournament, and DarkLoic defeated Cristal and Temptation in a three-man final.

The Summer of #Tournaments hasn't ended yet, however! Every match that a participants won, they were rewarded one point. So, at the end of the 9 week ordeal, all of the points was added up, and the top 9 were collected together for one more tournament to settle it all. Vinc2612, DarkLoic, Double01, PsYch071c, BKC, Ice96, Cristal, Bloo, and Dice (the latter two had to battle it out for the 8th spot, in which Bloo won) are our top 8 winners (in order), and they will have one final royale to decide who will win it all!

In the end, while all 9 contestants played their hearts out, only two could make it to the finals; Double01 and PsYch071c were our tournament finalists. Double01 defeated PsYch071c in the first match in Ubers with the help of an early freeze. In match two, PsYch071c won in the UU metagame, so it certainly was a tight match. However, in the final RU match, Double01 reigned supreme, making him the Summer of #Tournaments champion! Congratulations to Double01 for such a triumphant win and to PsYch071c for making it to the finals! Thank you to all of our participants and hosts who have made this tournament a success this season.

Once again, it was a wonderful summer filled with competition and fun! Hopefully, we can hope for another tournament like this next summer, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. School is back in session, so buckle down, stay focused, and stay classy, Smogonites!

If you are interested in seeing some of the popular and attention-getting battles that took place, here are all the links we have received during the tournament:

Week 1, June 26th, BW2 Ubers

Round 1: DarkLoic vs xtrashine Round 2: Dice vs Probs Round 3: Blim vs Reachzero Semis Finals: Blim vs Sweep

Week 2, July 1st, BW2 RU

Semi-Finals: Celever vs ModestG

Week 3, July 8th, Standard LC

Round 1: Furai vs blarajan FLCL vs Apt-Get Round 3: The Kyle vs Double01

Week 9, August 20th, BW2 Ubers

Round 1: Dice vs Ruppy Semi-Finals : Dice vs Imanalt B-Lulz vs Vinc2612 Finals: Dice vs Vinc2612

Week 9, August 25th, BW2 NU

Finals: Chieliee vs Dcae --