World Cup of Pokemon Round 1 Wrap Up

By Nachos.
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As the end of Round 1 of the World Cup of Pokemon draws upon us, we look back at the highlights that made this tournament the most memorable on Smogon, including Grind Pantera crying over not making it into the WCoP, theebay707 qualifying for Best Poster of 2012, Lavos Spawn posting too much, and the Failure of the Manifestation of the Greatest Battle in Human History This Millennium – Zak91 vs Krack.

Before we get to Round 1 itself though, let us please take the time to hold dear in our hearts, Noodlez and Limitless. These two followers of Judas abandoned their teams for greener pastures. Limitless found home in the rice-filled lands of Asia, after leaving US East, while Noodlez hopped around teams faster than aziki sprints when he sees a loaf of bread. The chain went from USA East to Asia to USA West, until he finally found refuge in Latin America. In other news, the short lived Africa + Middle East team never got off the ground. While being interviewed about why he used a gimmick team in the team qualifiers, Lady Bug simply shrugged his shoulders and pointed to his custom title.

Initial sportsmanship was shown by Lamppost, who refused to take a Turn 3 timeout win over Nelson-X – what a guy! If only the rest of the news was that good. Three-time winner Team Oceania started out 0-7, but then to almost everyone's dismay, went on to win an impressive 15 of their remaining 17 games, securing their Round 2 spot. Canada following a similarly good recovery, finds itself fighting to get into Round 2 in a colossal 5-way tiebreaker, as does 2011 finalist team USA West. Well done guys, we’re happy that you’re still in as we look forward to many good posts in the future! I’m not a racist though, and I don’t discriminate against bad teams, so let’s move to the losers. Germany continues to do what it does best by being the second worst team in the tournament, an improvement on their yearly 16th place, so give them all a big round of applause! US Central deserves a mention too, for not being too terrible this year. If only they’d gotten rid of Princess Bri, but you learn from your mistakes.

On the social side of things, reyscarface continued his quest to become a Tournament Director by nagging people nonstop to play. 6A9 Ace Matador and Agammemnon played a good game of “Gotta John Them All!” and keelhauled continued to be someone hated by most singles players for being obnoxious. The keelhauled-Colchonero battle took twice as long as it probably should have due to people spamming Skyrim references, and keelhauled simply trolling everyone in the battle. At least we got a good Dozz picture out of it. King was annoying on IRC and forums for no reason, which was funny because nobody actually knew who he was. BIHI actually said “gg” at 4-4, simply showing that he DGAF. It was attitude like that which got France to become the #1 seed, so take note aspiring battlers.

That wraps things up for now. Expect updates on later rounds when they come. In the meanwhile, why don’t you count up the number of people who complained about losing to luck in the result posts? The first one to correctly PM Haunter the right answer can expect to have a Ribbon under their username as a reward.