Introduction To Competitive Pokémon
An introduction to competitive Pokémon, thanks to various contributors.
The Pokémon Dictionary
An explanation of commonly used terminology by competitive Pokémon players, thanks to chaos and Tangerine.


Battle Mechanics at Level 50
An overview of stat and damage calculation when playing with level 50 Pokémon, thanks to Ditto.
Damage Formula
An insight into damage calculation in Diamond/Pearl, thanks to X-Act and Peterko.
Move Priority
An explanation of move priority in DP, thanks to david stone.
Move Restriction
A closer look at the workings of moves, items, and abilities that restrict the move options available to Pokémon, thanks to TheMaskedNitpicker.
A guide to the ups and downs of stats in battle, thanks to Arseus, with help from david stone.
An explanation of status, thanks to Arseus, with help from david stone.

Reference Lists and Strategy

1v1 Metagame Guide
A guide to the 1v1 metagame, thanks to badalcristiano, coolking49, and LinIsKorean.
A Beginner's Guide to Distributing EVs
A guide to correctly distributing EVs to maximize desired stats, thanks to umbarsc.
Baton Pass
A guide to building a successful Baton Pass team in DPP, thanks to maddog, with rewrites by Fuzznip and Komodo.
Belly Drum Analysis
An analysis of the move Belly Drum and its strategies, thanks to Mekkah, with rewrites by Great Sage and Xia.
Common Battle Conditions Guide
A guide to common battle conditions and how they work, thanks to bugmaniacbob.
Deconstructing: A Guide to Wallbreaking
A guide explaining wallbreaking strategies, by Jediment, rewritten by Xia and mtr.
Double Battle Primer
An introduction to the world of doubles, thanks to TheMaskedNitpicker.
Little Cup, Big World: A Guide to Little Cup
A guide to understanding and playing in the Little Cup metagame, thanks to various contributors.
Little Cup EV Spreads Guide
A guide to calculating the most efficient EV spreads for Little Cup Pokemon, thanks eric the espeon and Oglemi.
Little Cup Legality Guide
A guide on the various legality issues concerning Little Cup Pokemon, thanks to SwinubToupee.
Maximizing Your Defenses
How to get the most out of defensive EVs, thanks to X-Act.
Nature, IV, and Hidden Power Combinations for Legendary Pokemon
A listing of all useful nature, Hidden Power, and IV combinations for legendary Pokemon, by Rising_Dusk, eric the espeon, and assorted C&C contributors.
Newton's 2nd Law - A Guide to Gravity in Competitive Play
A guide to the move Gravity and how it can be used in competitive battling, thanks to Legacy Raider. Rewritten by EspyJoel.
Normalized Base Stats
Normalizing base stats, thanks to X-Act.
Opening the Door - A Guide to Entry Hazards
A guide to understanding and using entry hazards, thanks to Dark Talon.
Playing in the Sandbox – A Guide to Sandstorm Teams
A guide to the use of sandstorm teams in competitive battling, thanks to Jimbo and twash.
Providing Team Support Guide
A guide to providing team support, thanks to twash and McGrrr.
Rain Offense Guide
A guide to assist with the creation and use of Offensive Rain teams, thanks to Legacy Raider, updated by EspyJoel and Fireburn.
Which Way Out? A DPP Guide to Trapping Opponents
A guide explaining the various Trapping strategies in the fourth generation metagame, by Erodent.
Sunny Day
A guide to building and playing Sunny Day teams, thanks to Gen. Empoleon and Venom.
The Art of Hail Stall
A guide to help assist with the building and creation of Hail Stall teams, thanks to Dragontamer, blackware, and Legacy Raider.
Trick Room Guide
A guide to help you build and understand how to use Trick Room teams, thanks to Gen. Empoleon.
Uber Battling
Useful information on how to battle in the Ubers metagame.
  • Basic Guide to Ubers, thanks to Great Sage and Jibaku, rewritten by bojangles and Gen. Empoleon, rewritten again by firecape.
  • Advanced Guide to Ubers, thanks to Great Sage and Jibaku, rewritten by bojangles and Gen. Empoleon, rewritten again by firecape.
  • Arceus Guide, thanks to firecape and Theorymon.
Threat Lists
Information on specific threats in each tier, and what to watch out for.
  • OU Threat List. A listing of all the OU threats and what they can do, thanks to Jellicent, GatoDelFuego, Jukain and assorted C&C contributors.
  • UU Threat List. A listing of all UU threats and what they can do, thanks to whistle and assorted C&C contributors.
  • Little Cup Threat List. A guide to the biggest threats in Little Cup and how to deal with them, by Heysup and the rest of the Little Cup Community.
Speed Tiers
Useful reference lists for magic Speed numbers in various tiers.
  • OverUsed, thanks to TheMaster42 and Mekkah.
  • Ubers, thanks to TheMaster42, revised and updated by Fireburn and Vashta.
  • UnderUsed, thanks to jumpluff, Serv, Stellar, Peachfuzz, and Imran.
  • NeverUsed, thanks to Honko.
  • Little Cup, thanks to eric the espeon.
  • 2010 VGC, thanks to Alaka.