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    SM SM OU Cup III - Round 4

    won vs magearnatheboss in 2
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    SS OU Bulky Offensive a Swan Song for Sword & Shield

    yo cool team. i really like the look of this team and it has potential to be a really solid bulky offence. however, there is one glaring problem with this team, its matchup vs weavile. once weavile clicks sd vs this team, since clefable is specially invested if corv isn't at 100 you cant really...
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    SS OU Tapu Lele + Hydreigon BO

    cool team. i like the idea of hydreigon and i think its nasty plot set can be pretty useful. one of the first main problems i see this team having is its troubles vs weavile. outspeeding everything on this team and basically being able to swords dance vs torn for free and basically killing the...
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    oi back your boy free dee

    oi back your boy free dee
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    all i see is bands like my name is...

    all i see is bands like my name is...
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    Tournaments BW PL II - Player Signups

    Username: 3d Time Zone: GMT -4 Tiers Interested in Playing: BW OU, BW UBERS Forseeable Inactivity: No
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    SM SM OU Cup III - Round 2

    won in 2
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    Tournament Tours Plaza Premier IV - Player Signups

    PS! username: 3d Timezone: EST Tiers that you'd want to play: Mystery OU Any foreseen inactivity: No
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    New New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

    can my account be unlocked but can i keep the thing that says formerly amoonguss so people don’t get confused yea sure -lily