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Hello Fear; WC here. I'm Gmt+2 and i can play in weekdays and sat at my morning (I could play sat night after my work but I prefer not to do that). Lmk your viabilities. Greetings my man.
Hello Century Express; I'm gmt+2 and I can play in weekdays and the saturday at my morning. I'd like to play you next week but lmk your viabilities first. Um abraço.
Hello Bomber, WC here; I'd be available to play weekdays at the morning and some nights like this thursday's one, if that's ok for you id be glad to play you first. Just lmk mate
Thought this might be cool for an OU live my man. I actually built myself with inspiration of using Mons that don't see as much usage and if they do some different sets that work well, like Analytic Magnezone. Mega Camel is amazing in OU right now IMO its checks so many things and with the pivot into Tangrowth. It's just so fun to use this team. hovered around the 1600's Hope you can try :] https://pastebin.com/pjhcQ
If you need any inspiration, just run calcs on Modest Specs Analytic Mag