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    Resource SS OU Viability Ranking Thread [See post #274]

    A+ > S It is a bit controversial but Hydreigon has impacted the meta as one of the best. Its sheer power and unpredictability with its sets speaks volumes on it’s viability as one of if not the strongest offensive threat in the meta. Hydreigon has no true counters except for the two fairies...
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    Metagame SS NU Metagame Discussion - Alpha is Live!

    Just strolling by to share my thoughts on the meta The Big Three These are the mons I fell might be the most impactful rn. Coffin makes spinning near impossible, and packs NP, WoW, TSpikes, Body Press, Iron Defense, etc. It’s ludicrously bulky and can fill plenty of different roles. Garbodor...
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    OU National Dex OU Team Bazaar As of the making of this post I have made it to the 1500s on the ladder which isn’t a bad spot at all for this ladder, and I owe it to this team. This team has the infamous Hydreigon + Aegi core along with Amoonguss for M-Toise and Ash Gren. Scarf Lando is...
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    National Dex General Information and Simple Questions Thread

    Balance and Screens HO are the strongest archetypes imo. FWG cores like Bro/Tran/Amoonguss is great for Balance while Grimm + Mega-Toise is a great core for Screens.
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    Metagame SWSH RU Alpha - Metagame Thread

    OU has been pretty restricting and boring to build and play around, so I decided to experiment with these fun and underrated sets. Sigilyph @ Toxic Orb Ability: Magic Guard EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Psycho Shift - Psychic - Heat Wave - Roost This set is meant...
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    OU National Dex OU Viability Rankings

    This metagame is pretty wack rn with Genesect, Arena Trap, M-Toise, but I would like to share my thoughts on what should rise or drop. A+ to S Pretty self-explanatory. It’s near impossible to counter/check due to the amount of sets it can run and the different versions of the same sets. It’s...
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    Resource SS OU Viability Ranking Thread [See post #274]

    A to A+ I’m surprised something that has been A+ or even higher in three generations of increasing power creep in A tier after the dexit. I don’t have to explain what it does for the meta, with an increased popularity of Goon and fairies, its ready to prove why it is so good no matter what. B+...
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    OU National Dex OU Metagame Discussion

    Just a quick note. Heavy Duty Boots prevents Centi from taking hazard effects.
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    OU National Dex OU Metagame Discussion

    There’s been alot of discussion regarding M-Toise, but I wanna highlight underrated/anti-meta picks for a moment. Centiskorch @ Heavy-Duty Boots Ability: Flash Fire EVs: 252 HP / 172 SpD / 84 Spe Careful Nature - Rest - Sleep Talk - Knock Off/Power Whip - Fire Lash Centiskorch is a great...
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    Metagame SWSH RU Alpha - Metagame Thread

    The meta has been pretty fun so far imo and I have alot to talk about here. Top meta staples? These mons are what I feel might define the meta granted if they don’t rise to UU or get banned. Boltund 2HKOs/OHKOs anything that isn’t a ground type and is incredibly fast for the tier. Bewear...
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    Metagame Sword & Shield - RU Speculation Thread

    I’ve been playing RU alpha for a while and I would like to share my thoughts on what I think is really good rn or potentially good. The queen of RU is ready for another round. Unfortunately it lost Hidden Power and Z-moves crippling its offensive sets which were what made it top 3 in USUM RU...
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    OU National Dex OU Metagame Discussion

    Heavy Duty Boots made alot of SR weak mons viable this gen. One of them surprisingly is Flareon. Flareon @ Heavy-Duty Boots Ability: Flash Fire EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 SpD Careful Nature - Wish - Protect - Flare Blitz - Yawn It’s not a top tier or anything, but thanks to HDB it can...
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    Resource SwSh OU Bazaar

    I wanted to make a Weavile team after hearing about the Darm ban. Weavile is a solid substitute for it. Fast, hard hitting, and is able to threaten common threats like Hydreigon, Mandibuzz, and Dragapult with its stabs and priority Ice Shard. It also outspeeds Adamant Scarf Dracovish. Hatterene...
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    Resource SS OU Viability Ranking Thread [See post #274]

    First nomination A > A+ Aegislash is too versatile to not make it to A+ due to its fantastic defensive and offensive typing. It has very few safe switch ins besides Mirror Armor Corv, Mandi, and Hippowdon especially with Band and Specs sets. It fills the role of a breaker, Clefable check, and...
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    Metagame SS OU Metagame Discussion v2 [Usage Stats in post #581]

    After hearing about the Darm ban, I would like to share my thoughts. The winners: Mostly ice weak mons benefit from the ban. Mons Dragapult, Hydra, Kommo-o, NP Togekiss, and Sigilyph lost their best check giving them more air to breathe. Mandibuzz and Hippo will be more prominent walls with...