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    Tournaments ORAS OU Invitational - Play-ins phase - Round 2 on Post #14

    MANNAT vs devin Bushtush vs so noisy Seasons vs egalvanc Amir vs Vulpix03
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    Announcement Applying to be Tracked for Forum Rates

    Your forum name: A Welcome Guest The meta you'd like to rate: Old gens, primarily ADV OU A brief summary of your experience in that meta: I'm not the best player but I do have solid records in some team tours while playing ADV, for example going 4-4 in CTF. Forum rates demonstrating your...
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    Orange appears?

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    All Gens RoA Olympics VII - Signups

    Nation: US SOUTH Tiers Played: adv ubers, adv ou, dpp ubers, bw ou Foreseen Inactivity: school Requested Captain: none
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    Tournaments BW PL II - Finals! [Won by Crustle Palace]

    Crustle Palace (6) vs Soaring Sigilyphs (3) BW Ubers: SoulWind vs March Fires - its soulwind hes the goat BW OU: airfare vs Nalorium BW OU: umbry vs Xrn BW OU: Star vs MTV BRATVA BW UU: Punny vs Lily BW RU: sensei axew vs Elfuseon BW NU: shiloh vs GW BW PU: tj vs Feaniix BW LC: iss vs Fille BW...
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    favorite cookie?

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    Gen 3 Schoolhouse Shock (OU)

    It's for momentum, and so you don't have to predict a switch. For example, if the opponent switches to Blissey as you Baton Pass with Zapdos, you can get Machamp in without the need of prediction.
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    Social Where is your nick from?

    Believe it or not, my last name is Guest, so my username is a sort of pun on that. You got me wanting to change my name to AWG lol
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    whats ur ps username ill be on in a min

    whats ur ps username ill be on in a min