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    Hi :)

    Hi :)
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    Serious when is violence acceptable?

    I've been trying to think of what to post here as I process the events from this last weekend. I think I'll stick with this: violence against Nazis is justifiable self defense. These people would kill me if they could. An important part of their ideology is scapegoating me for the world's...
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    Resource VGC 2019 Viability Rankings

    To be fair, Empoleon counters Xern via Roar, not KO. But yeah, I don't see how it takes on Ogre (though +1 Liquidation does threaten a 3HKO vs Ogre which was better than I expected). VGC stats has current CP at basically nothing (28 CP), so it'd be nice to see a higher placing or high profile...
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    Resource VGC 2019 Viability Rankings

    What does Whimsicott offer against Kartana, Ferrothorn, Solgaleo, Dusk Mane, or other misc Steel type? Talonflame offers Tailwind + Taunt to beat the Xerneas mirror, and also offers Flare Blitz to cripple potential Steel counters. And LO Flare Blitz does a lot of damage in the sun, actually...
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    Resource VGC 2019 Viability Rankings

    Seconding everything ck49 said. Also adding that the proposal was for B- rank. Here are the other Pokemon in B- rank right now: Abomasnow, Araquanid, Dialga, Ditto, Hitmontop, Landorus-T, Palkia, Tapu Bulu, Zapdos. Talonflame fits perfects with this group. Niche Pokemon that either have some...
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    Resource VGC 2019 Viability Rankings

    Yeah, that's what you want Tailwind users to do on a hyper offense team. Set up tailwind and get out of the way to bring in a heavy hitter. It threatens Xerneas and Groudon for 50% of their HP, which again is the whole point of the Pokemon. It doesn't need to threaten an OHKO: if it threatens a...
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    Hello there

    Hello there
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    Haha don't know what gave you that impression! I always thought we were close in age. Trying to...

    Haha don't know what gave you that impression! I always thought we were close in age. Trying to be relevant in VGC again now that I graduated college, we'll see how that goes. Also getting married in less than a month! What's been up with you?
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    You tha real MVP :)

    You tha real MVP :)
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    VGC 17 Discussion Thread

    What do you do with those turns though? The turn after TR, all you have on the field is a Mimikyu. Are you really able to take advantage of a temporary removal?
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    Hope to see you at nats 2017 :)

    Hope to see you at nats 2017 :)
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    Serious US Election Thread (read post #2014)

    There are a lot of people with a lot to lose from this. Everyone has a right to vote for who they want to be president, but you have to own up to the fact that if you didn't vote Clinton, you enable Trump to win this.
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    Alolan Marowak Discussion

    Rock head + Flare Blitz, that's honestly really cool. I'm assuming its signature item still doubles attack, which would make that pretty tough to switch into.
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    Z-Move Discussion

    Most of the Z move seem to be at least 1.5x better than the base form. I'd argue this power seems pretty perfect. Its a one time nuke a little stronger than a gem boost that leaves the user free to switch moves.
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    Z-Move Discussion

    I haven't had much time to keep up with the Z move mechanics as they've been revealed (haven't played the demo either) so I have a little bit of a stupid question/clarification: when you use a Z move, does it replace or enhance the effect of the regular move? For example, if use the Ghost Z move...