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    Smogon Simple Questions & Suggestions Thread

    Hi speaking of reactions could we get a clown react? it could be just be a :Blacephalon: that says "Clown" when you hover over it. I feel like this conveys a wide range of emotions that cannot be adequately expressed with the current set of reacts. Thanks!
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    Project OM Interviews (#22: Ren)

    1 Favorite latte art (can be urs or someone else's uve seen) 2 Favorite song oat 3 Top 5 songs rn (doesnt have to be definitive top 5) 4 Idk why but while typing this I just realized ur not east coast time zone, u just often go to bed early. Thoughts on this image 5 While we're at it who is...
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    Tournament OMPL X - Week 7 (Tiebreaker @ #59!)

    Trade > mncmt UT Isaiah XxSevagxX willdbeast TeamCharm
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    Tournament OMPL X - Week 7 (Tiebreaker @ #59!)

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    Tournament OMPL X - Week 6

    Subbing in Trade for mncmt Byleth Isaiah UT IBM @other maverick manager
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    Tournament OMPL X - Week 4

    Subbing out Career Ended for Haruno xavgb UT in the hills Isaiah
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    Tournament OMPL X - Week 2

    Subbing in Simbo for mncmt tlenit @think UT
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    Tournament OMPL X - Week 1

    slandering my legacy as an om teamtour bh main too e: pls help volk ratio me i dont want him to be embarrassed
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    (andy said ur team sux he wants explanations)

    (andy said ur team sux he wants explanations)
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    do u wanna join my ompl cord

    do u wanna join my ompl cord
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    Tournament OMPL X - Commencement

    Aesf PR spindas hawluchas tyrantrums lopunnies kommoos wiggly mavericks e: moved up luchas afte seeing lineups