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    One Piece (spoilers!)

    popular theory on net is that elbaf will be a davy back fight between the SH and shanks pirates with the the last red poneglyph on the line...or something of that caliber no personal opinion on that but it would make the davy back fight after skypiea relevant to the plot
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    i live

    i live
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    One Piece (spoilers!)

    some of the best chapters of all time coming to us past ~15 chapters or so if they decide to keep expanding the OP verse after OP allegedly ends in five years, I totally would not mind a full oden work (he is main character cool)
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    One Piece (spoilers!)

    Yea but, in the example of his "future sight" haki activating when he landed, there was a literal fight happening right in front of him affecting his ship. I find it hard to believe that that fight would have any less of his attention than fat batman in the other situation (especially since in...
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    One Piece (spoilers!)

    The reason I am confused is because I don't know if that (logical assumption) is really what has been shown to us (note, I mentioned the possibility that Luffy simply isn't there "yet" in my post, as it "makes sense") Look at chapter 911: ^...
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    i've obviously done it...

    i've obviously done it...
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    One Piece (spoilers!)

    I don't really get how the last chapter (kidnapping) happens with Luffy's supposed "Katakuri-style" dipping into the future awakening of his Observation Haki... Katakuri seemed to not even have to "activate" it...he just noticed things. Is the argument Luffy just isn't there "yet"?
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    CAPTT IV: Week 3

    i am aldaron
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    One Piece (spoilers!)

    Lol I wanted to say something for a while but forgot my password...whoops. I think Matthew and Jimbo are talking different kinds of development here Sure, Sanji got specialized facetime and shit happened to him (he fell in love, had to leave it). A lot of it was recycled though (we already...
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    One Piece (spoilers!)

    this is so good now
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    Smogon Photo Album: The New Official General Bona Fide Thread

    to think it was only 10(!) years ago JabbaTheGriffin Gouki and I used to fuck with you little junior
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    United States Smogon Friends <3

    The Universe -> The Milky Way Galaxy -> The Solar System -> The Earth -> Western Hemisphere -> North America -> The United States of America -> New York -> New York City -> Manhattan -> Hell's Kitchen
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    One Piece (spoilers!)

    objection fourth strongest strawhat is sanji, after luffy / zoro / jimbei obv :P also, i don't think using brooke's wounding of prometheus is fair atm because a.) we don't know how long prometheus has even existed b.) soul attacks are apparently brooke's specialty, so he's probably better...
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    One Piece (spoilers!)

    Chou Toshio , you don't like soma, black clover, or boku no hero? All 3 are pretty fun (not going to comment on quality or anything, just they're fun)