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    follow me you !!!

    follow me you !!!
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    my mans

    my mans
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    Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament IV - Cycle 1 Signups [Read post #1008]

    Forum name: -altercation- Cycle 1 Alts: LT41B Altercation, LT41I Altercation Do my alts for Cycle 1 contain my forum name or a very similar variation/abbreviation of it as required by the rules?: yes
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    Tournament OU Premier League III: Player Sign-ups

    Username: Altercation Tiers played: SM OU, XY OU Timezone: GMT -4 Availability: After 5PM on weekdays, weekends are free
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    ORAS Swiss [Round 3]

    won vs flux-10
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    ORAS Swiss [Round 2]

    won vs znain
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    Season VII Farm League - Sign-Ups [closed]

    altercation oras ou
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    Smogon Premier League VII - Player Sign-Ups (will CLOSE on 12/19)

    Player Name: -altercation- Tiers Played: ORAS OU / ORAS Ubers / ORAS UU / ORAS RU / ORAS NU / BW OU Timezone : GMT -6 (EST) Significant Time Missed?: no
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    ORAS OU How's my team?

    Wassup SmashCat9000 here's a suggestion from a flaw i immediately noticed from one look at your team You kinda get ate up by Latios, especially with HP Fire. Sure Ferro can somewhat switch into it unless your opp hard predicts it with HP fire and boom Ferro is gone. I would throw in SpDef...
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    oras swiss, gmt -6 when fite

    oras swiss, gmt -6 when fite
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    Old Name and Profile Change Requests

    Would like my name changed to -altercation- i go by it on showdown and had the user for a long time now k - oglemi