I was active (and very cringy) in the golden age that was long passed. Come by randomly every 6 months for a whiff of nostalgia.
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F man, i was so cringy.
Analyses: (1v1) Greninja
To look at my full signature go look at my profile. It's just some quotes that may be from CAP Project, Trivia, Game Corner, and Roleplaying (I'm still working on this)


Game Corner

%Keldeo-Resonant: The Corner is f%luo)r(esc"e.n:)t :DD

[13:04:32] Snarkless: pls help my dog is invading my keyboard space

+mariosonicepic123: Give me a nickname for: Chandelure!
professorcaterpoop: --[sia]--
Yell~Ow~Skarm~Or-Y: --[SIA]--
Latios n.n: inb4 sia

CAP Project

[21:23:00] +Tamas: ★Exclaimer: literally looked like you popped my chansey

@Animus Majulous joined
[21:26:06] Exclaimer: to note guys

[21:26:12] Exclaimer: chanseys pop like bubbles
[21:32:47] +PepsiPlunge: I would imagine they crack like eggs
[21:32:52] +PepsiPlunge: But what do I know
[21:33:07] Exclaimer: similar enough
[21:33:09] Exclaimer: either way
[21:33:21] Exclaimer: metagross critical hit hammer arm makes it go away

From A cap metronome battle between me and BigWigs

from another cap metronome battle, this time between BigWigs and Olwog

Krilowatt, come back!
Go! Fidgit!
The opposing Revenankh used Metronome!
Waggling a finger let it use Final Gambit!
Fidgit lost 1% of its health!
The opposing Revenankh fainted!
The hail is crashing down.
Fidgit is buffeted by the hail!
BigWigs: ROFL
Olwog: just like shedinja would do it
BigWigs sent out Krilowatt!