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  1. Battle Tree Discussion and Records

    If AI read your input, it wouldn't obsessively taunt my assault vest users LOL. As Worldie said, it's just an extremely high priority move, and thus can be reliably exploited via protect/switching. As usual in tree, though, it's not pure 100%. As with Z-move usage, Trick Room setting, and...
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  3. Battle Tree Discussion and Records

    A long while back, I lazily read through some users on the Discord server gushing about how functional non-mega mawile was for some users’ TR randoms squads. After a few pages’ worth of rave reviews, I surmised that, despite the humorous appearances, these people were not joking. Instead of...
  4. Battle Tree Discussion and Records

    Broke: 3 years late Woke: 3 months early Super Stamps For anyone who comes far enough to reach the facility thread ULTRA Stamps For those who have the habit of talking about defunct facility sets as if they were old friends
  5. Battle Tree Discussion and Records

    Reporting a streak of 521 wins in Ultra Sun Doubles. If this goes up on the leaderboard, please don’t credit me. Just put it under the name: Dual Core Processing Named so because the team happens to feature overlapping fire-water-grass and dragon-fairy-steel cores, this team is comprised of...
  6. Battle Tree Discussion and Records

    Speaking of inaccurate spread moves... I need help with a doubles mon. Not help improving it, though - I need your help to make me stop using it. Rotom-Heat @ Wide Lens Ability: Levitate Nature: -Atk, +Def or + SpD EVs: 252 HP / some kind of Def + SpD, maybe a dash of spA -Electroweb...