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    Bug Reports v2.0 (READ OP BEFORE POSTING!!)

    Using Shell Bell with a recoil attack appears to recover a percentage of the recoil damage rather than the initial hit. Looks like it could be due to using "lastDamage / 8" in Shell Bell's item data. Here, Superpower regains way more Shell Bell...
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    np: OU Suspect Testing Round 4 - Blaze of Glory

    ...So nowadays it's become acceptable to have to go that far to kill something? Why do we even have a banlist, then? Last gen, you would ban a Pokemon if you had to devote 2 team slots to counter it in order to not get swept, and priority was not considered countering. Hell, you banned a...
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    np: OU Suspect Testing Round 2 - Who am I to break tradition?

    It's funny, "the environment around them" has only changed because of one Pokemon gaining one ability, that's hardly a massive shift in how the game works that we can't change. Where I come from, Politoed (and Ninetales and Doryuuzu) is already gone and no one is complaining. Seems a lot easier...
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    Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer - Read FAQ in First Post Before Asking

    In addition to Pokemon Online and later Pokemon Lab, Gary Oak's shoddy 1 server is in the process of updating. A lot of the mechanics changes aren't done yet and some abilities don't work, but it's mostly good to go and you can still play there too if you don't like the new programs. Please...
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    Middle Cup Discussion Thread

    Yeah, I should point out that we (I'm an admin there) use fully unevolved things too, like Magnemite or Teddiursa or whatever, but I don't see why we couldn't join the two metagames together, unless being Level 50 does cool things with the EV system.
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    The First Smogon Council - Salamence

    Key point: almost no one has the appropriate counter when it comes to Salamence. Everyone has to gamble and play around him like a threat they were unprepared for, no matter how solid their team is. Is that fair? (Honest question, not automatic no)
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    The First Smogon Council - Salamence

    Salamence being talked about like the only Pokemon in the game that can beat stall really bothers me. So does this "so it has no counters, so what" attitude. I hope that doesn't snowball to other tiering arguments. Anyway, let's see... it seems that Latias and Garchomp were banned for...
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    The First Smogon Council - Salamence

    OK, I thought better of saying Heatran a minute later, but still. Disclaimer: That wasn't my opinion.
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    The First Smogon Council - Salamence

    The pro-uber group would probably point out the following about that instance: 1. You have Scizor, Heatran, and Scarf Flygon on your team because of Salamence. 2. You revealed a sizable part of your team. 3. They can switch out of your Outrage and kill you with their own Steel. Ugh...
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    Suspect/Standard Usage Comparison

    Well, who's going to use Vaporeon and Starmie together? It's probably a "replacement" thing.
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    The First Smogon Council - Salamence

    This wouldn't even be a problem if Outrage wasn't upgraded to 120 power and Draco Meteor wasn't created. Dragon Claw and Pulse are no big deal, they reliably do decent damage to almost everything. Outrage and Draco Meteor reliably do severe damage to almost everything. Big difference. I wish we...
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    The First Smogon Council - Salamence

    @ Jumpman16 Well, some of those special sweepers might have been OU and part of the metagame if their users didn't go "Oh, I can't really use this, Blissey is everywhere and will screw me over". Most of the ones that are actually used that I can think of use Explosion/Trick/101 Subs/Focus...
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    The First Smogon Council - Salamence

    We've got a good metagame and can stop testing stuff when people don't bitch so much. It's unfortunate that we're near the end of this generation and still arguing. Will things ever really stabilize and quiet down? And yes, I've heard that UU is now at that magic stopping point, or at least...
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    The First Smogon Council - Salamence

    If that was ever suggested it would probably be for centralization/strategy limiting reasons; making Psychics/frail Pokemon/Reversal suck. Of course, for the most part they already sucked (Stealth Rock makes Articuno and Butterfree bad!), so it's probably not going to happen... but that argument...
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    Smogon Shoddy Server Statistics - May 2010

    I was actually thinking the same thing, and use(d) the same set in Standard back in the good old days when max speed Salamence was somewhat of a gimmick. Killing Heatran, Salamence, and sometimes Scizor with a Grass-type is hilarious, and even with 4/0 and a Life Orb it can still stick around...