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    Bug Reports v3.0 (READ OP BEFORE POSTING!!!)

    From Gen 2 PS development thread.
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    Gen 2 Gen 2 PS Development - Post bugs here

    So I just tested this again with FOMG. Issues with DVs seem to be working now, as all attack stat variations that don't roll over are now usable for Marowak. However, the illegal moveset issue has not been fixed. Just in case the devs thought they were done with Gen 2 Marowak. :)
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    All Gens Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer Mark II (RoA edition)

    I've never understood this either. So would definitely appreciate a definitive answer for this.
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    All Gens Second most "skilled" OU meta

    Not Mr. E, but I'd call this an example: There's something inherently a bit more scary about the ability of bulky regenerator mons and pp restoration to create pretty much endless battles, even to a Gen 2 stall player...
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    All Gens Second most "skilled" OU meta

    If you have an appreciation for ADV, I'd say BW is also a fun change of pace dude. Nice and centralized too so not exactly hard to get into. Definitely very challenging and time consuming to master though.
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    All Gens Second most "skilled" OU meta

    Your opinion on Gen 5 OU?
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    All Gens Second most "skilled" OU meta

    I really do appreciate, and have a lot of respect for all of the old gens, having played them all myself, and especially a decent amount of RBY and BW in addition to GSC. They each hold a certain place for me, so I don't mean to disparage any. I think if there's a few I've played less it would...
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    All Gens Second most "skilled" OU meta

    I don't think ladder GXEs are the best indicator for the simple reason that GSC ladder is the least active of all of them. In basically any other ladder there is usually a game being played during "European" hours or whatever you want to call main peak hours, the opposite is true for GSC where...
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    Gen 2 Why isn`t Charizard OU(Gen 2)?

    People have a lot of hyperbole about Charizard. It seems usable, but takes a lot of setup and team considerations to get something out of it. Going back to Lavos's ranking chart, I think there are mons below it that are better. Jynx, for example, can consistently net you an advantage game after...
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    All Gens Second most "skilled" OU meta

    This thought spurred on by my looking at the variances in Ciele's player records spreadsheet for SPL. Thread title is obviously a bit controversial, but I've heard the idea bandied about that GSC OU is the most skilled, and I do think that makes sense (I'm biased though as a GSC player). So as...
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    All Gens Suggestions for the ROA room

    I think the most important thing for me is to be able to play old gens OU livetours every once in a while. I know that logistical reasons were mentioned as to why the times have to be earlier as it fits with European room staff. Still, if there was anyway, there could even be one tour night...
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    Smogon Premier League X - Player Signups

    Player Name: asbdsp Tiers Played: GSC OU, BW OU Timezone: gmt-5
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    Suggestions for Pokémon Showdown

    I would suggest that idle animations and attack animations be able to be toggled separately. I know that I tend to stare at the monitor while thinking, and I do like a visual cue that I won't miss if I blink, but at the same time I find the idle animations a bit distracting/annoying over a...