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    OU ADV OU Secret Santa 2021

    There's some really cool stuff here, great idea and great work to those who participated!
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    getting shoutouts from people I haven't talked to in 5+ years, 2022 looking good. jokes aside, hope you're doing well man!
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    OU ADV OU Viability Ranking

    tw; ladder shitter opinions I subscribe to Metagross, Zapdos, and Jirachi being the 3 mons that sit above the rest of the metagame, because I feel there is very limited teambuilding counterplay to what they do. Jirachi has so many sets that even if you know your opponent will bring Jirachi...
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    OU BW OU Team Building Competition

    Team 2, seems like a good place to use Cofagrigus. 5, 8, and 10 also seem pretty good and have what in theory seems to be a pretty nice way of incorporating the niche of different ghosts. 10 might be literally the only way to viably use Golurk lol.
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    OU BW OU Viability Ranking, mk. 4

    I get this is supposed to be a hot take, and I would agree that Skarmory psy spikes is better than ever, but it seems really unfair to say Ferrothorn outside of rain is limited. Ttar/Ferro/Latios/Landorus or Gliscor/two fillers is still one of the best structures in my opinion with tons of...
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    OU BW OU Viability Ranking, mk. 4

    I'd agree that Rotom is overrated - because you autolose to rain if you don't have answers for Tentacruel, you also end up with answers to Rotom. Teams that don't have an answer for Tentacruel (or the tempo to outpace) are literally unviable and Rotom runs into the same issues without really...
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    OU ADV OU Metagame Discussion

    :tyranitar::skarmory::swampert::blissey::gengar::latias: Latias (F) @ Leftovers Ability: Levitate EVs: 252 HP / 80 SpA / 176 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Recover - Roar - Thunderbolt - Ice Beam 330 speed (faster than timid zap, etc.) not gonna fill in the other sets. the skarm has spikes...
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    OU ADV OU Metagame Discussion

    Latias seems really strong on paper, potentially great on TSS as something fast, strong, recovery, roar, wish, etc. Destroyed by status though, so who knows? Latias honestly seems (in theory, at least to me) to be less strong than Mew, there isn't as much of a guessing game. If it wasn't...
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    OU ADV OU Metagame Discussion

    Not sure how broken Mew would be, a retest (or initial test? ) could be fun although I assume it would never happen, smogon tier leaders don't really take suggestions on this sort of stuff. I assume the best things Mew can do would be centered around explosion and will-o-wisp. Calm mind Mew...
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    Tournaments BW PL I - Player Signups

    asterat gmt-4 ou, ubers, ru (ordered)
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    OU BW OU Viability Ranking, mk. 4

    It's totally usable, but not very good. Its speed tier is nice because it outspeeds Dragonite, but unlike a scarfer like Latios, Keldeo, or Garchomp it does not outspeed Volcarona. Landorus also doesn't really have a move which is good to lock into besides U-Turn, everything else is pretty...
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    Gen 5 Gliscor (QC 1/3)

    I don't think facade on non-SD Gliscor really accomplishes anything, if you are worried about Dragonite just run ice fang or Breloom wing attack. Facade is an awkward in between option that isn't very strong unboosted. Facade's extra damage against rotom just isn't all that relevant from a...
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    BW Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread

    What is going on with potential tier tweaks? Volcarona suspect?
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    OU Set Dump, Team Dump, (and previously General Metagame Discussion)

    Honestly I'm not sure why this is even a discussion. ADV is incredibly well balanced with both established structures and tons of space for creativity in both options mons have and lesser used mons. Also, nobody wants to deal with Suicune out of sand or Gengar out of sand when you can't even...
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    OU ADV OU Viability Ranking

    I strongly believe Breloom is underranked in the company of Milotic and Heracross. His floor is pretty high because of spore, he's actually a lot more consistent than you might think. The set that really pushes him over the edge is double status in my opinion, ridiculously effective at landing...