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    Media Videos you go back to when feeling down

    more so a video i revisit just for the hell of it rather than when i'm feeling down
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    Copyediting Throat Spray Accelgor [GP: 0/1]

    GP Team done add remove (comments) [OVERVIEW] Throat Spray Accelgor is a sweeper that can create momentum by attacking and setting up on the same turn. The combination of Bug Buzz + Throat Spray combo is not only great at securing cleaning situations end-game, but it can also force crucial...
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    Buff Process 3 - Stage 2 - Buff Leader Poll

    Wulfanator Voltage shnowshner
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    found out i am a valuable trading card

    i raise my bid to a FULL cheeseburger and TWO pats on the back, one from each hand
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    found out i am a valuable trading card

    i'll start with a bid of half a cheeseburger and a pat on the back
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    Ubers Garchomp [QC: 2/2] [GP:2/2]

    i'm still alive add remove (comments) [Overview] Garchomp finds its use on Sticky Web hyper offense teams as a decent Swords Dance sweeper. Its coverage allows it to break through common Defog users like Ho-Oh and Yveltal, making it a valuable teammate to keep entry hazards up for the rest of...
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    Social Where is your nick from?

    fire emblem skill
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    Adeleine thoughts?
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    Favourite colour

    purple so good
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    Sports NFL Thread: 2022-2023 Season

    detroit may have lost but they've definitely shown a lot of improvement considering that they lost by almost 40 point last time they faced philly, just need to iron out some simple things like receivers actually catching the ball also not last in division FUCK THE PACKERS
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    i didn't think they'd actually do it...................................

    i didn't think they'd actually do it...................................
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    oh no

    oh no
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    i just noticed :0

    i just noticed :0
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    Thread Topic: “General Chat”

    really fucking good, one of my hip-hop pet peeves are rappers who only really has rapping fast going for them (miracle lyrical spiritual type shit) but JID is basically the opposite of that (has a lot of technique abilities and whatnot and just happens to rap fast), production and features were...