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  1. Most Generation PRNG Help / Information

    Princess of Johto: Yeah, pretty much if you wanna abuse starters the best way would be to do it on an emulator where you can tell the frame. It's been so long, but each starters have their own frame advancements so if you know that, you could simply pick a spread with a low enough frame so that...
  2. Most Generation PRNG Help / Information

    Triggz: Definitely...but don't find one with such a high frame. Better to search for higher delays with lower frames :)
  3. Most Generation PRNG Help / Information

    Zahir: Don't overthink it, lol. 176 target frame gives: 176 - roamers - sweet scent (2 in grass/cave usually) = number of advancements. Winters has been doing this forevers so you can trust him :P And Method J for wild captures in DPPt is correct :) Triggz: As long as the page has...
  4. Dragonite Rain Team! Please RMT!

    Since he made a team around Dragonite, I think it's kinda counter productive to tell him to remove him, lolz. In any case, the team looks good but here's my two cents: Politoed: If you're running defensive Politoed, I personally would go Perish Song. It forces switches well, works great with...
  5. Help! My thread wasn't restored!

    If possible, could I get a PM of my old thread back please? Titled: The Heavenly Home Thanks much ^^
  6. The Land Of Nowhere,in maintenance by mexican people,gen 3 & 4 shit here

    Good luck!!! lOlpOloololololololol :P And why do you want a Jolly/adamant Garchomp when you can do one in like 20minutes? :o If you stil want the jolly one in like a month's time, I'll probably have one, XD. It's been on a loooong awaited todo list, ahaha.
  7. Most Generation PRNG Help / Information

    On an emulator, it's simple enough. Just stand outside of Elm's doors so the frame advancements continue and then enter at the right frame. The starters each advance the frame differently so you might have to do it a few times to see how many they advance the frame -for my totodile I believe it...
  8. Most Generation PRNG Help / Information

    Fire Blast: The same as when breeding. Nothing changes minus encounter slots are used to determine what you'll encounter (lol) after sweet scenting or fishing. Exploits: You use PokeRNG to find a desirable spread. Use Pandora's Box from RNG Reporter to find a suitable delay/ID combination to...
  9. Most Generation PRNG Help / Information

    Wildfire: To add on to toastplusone's comment - it should be consistent with the cart. No worries though, usually for almost all cartridges it's +2 but there are some weird ones out there so we're inclined to mention it is all :)
  10. Most Generation PRNG Help / Information

    That's a difficult way to RNG Latios imo because the frame advancements are difficult to do - I recall Expert Evan having a tough time with donig it that way as well. You would exit the building on the right frame I believe, yes. The Bayleef moves in a fixed pattern if I recall so it should not...
  11. Most Generation PRNG Help / Information

    Nopers...just know that the frame advancements is weird but the information is on the front page :) Abra Kapocus: Try Desmume :)
  12. Most Generation PRNG Help / Information

    DarthChocoboz: If you can egg IV then you can Capture RNG. The only major change is encounter slot. Enter your seed into the main window of RNG Reporter and hit generate. Find your spread and right click >>> Encounter Slot for your game. It's self explanatory from there on which pokemon you'll...
  13. Most Generation PRNG Help / Information

    Here first: I should've done that first when I was learning instead of bugging Dave, XD. I ultimately used the videos as a step by step guide anyways with the knowledge I garnered before, ahaha. Kazo's a good teacher too :)
  14. Splash your life with the Color -Red-! :)

    XD XD XD - Hentai! :P Great stuff Satoshi - keep updating please! <3
  15. Most Generation PRNG Help / Information RNG you have to hit your target time, delay, and frame to get what you How did you do it the first time in comparison to the second? It feels like you're forgetting some steps or don't have a full grasp on the terminology.