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  1. Pokemon Riddle

    I guess B is pursuit?
  2. Pokemon Riddle

    Delcatty with Normalise EDIT: Aww I was beaten to it.
  3. UK Smogon Tournaments?

    I'd jump at the chance to go to an event near me, be it a battle one or just one of those get-a-mew-from-a-tent ones. *Votes yes on UK Tournaments*.
  4. Tattoos.

    @Akuchi: O.O Didn't that hurt? From what I've been told Tattoos leave you all sore. Also, if you cut yourself over one, will the skin grow back over it in the right colours, or will you have screwed up the tattoo?
  5. What do dreams mean to you?

    Type Lucid Dreaming into wikipedia, or any search thingy of your choice. It's VERY possible. You always dream. You just don't remember it. You just have poor dream recall, or are deprived of REM sleep. Dreams are thought up by your unconcious mind. Some say that every dream has some sort of...
  6. What do dreams mean to you?

    I'm very into dreams. Something I read not too long ago attempted to explain the significance of dreaming. One theory suggested that we dream as a way of preparing ourselves for problems. We dream about exams and what would happen if we got caught cheating in an exam because we know it's wrong...
  7. Smogon Tournament #5 - Round 2

    aamto doesn't reply to any of my PMs ._.
  8. Smogon Tournament #5 - Round 2

    Twash says my opponent will be a tough challenge >_< Sending PM =p
  9. The Smogon Frontier [No Winners]

    - Shoddy Username: Banana292 - Age: 16 - Gender: Male - Location: UK - Time Zone: GMT - Favorite Pokemon: Sableye
  10. DPP Jirachi (Full Revamp)

    HP Fighting Ok, don't kill me for bringing this up again, but what about HP Fighting and Psychic for the first set (Sub-CM)? Psychic keeps your coverage on Zapdos, Swampert, and Rotom-H all the same, and doesn't leave you struggling (as much) against Gyarados and Suicune. HP fighting still...
  11. Raticate (Gen 4, adding Choice)

    That's all I can see grammar-wise. I'll have a look at raticate now to check on the set. :) CB calculations with Reversal: Raticate uses Reversal on Probopass 391 Atk vs 326 Def & 324 HP (200 Base Power): 688 - 812 (212.35% - 250.62%) Raticate uses reversal on steelix 391 Atk vs 480 Def &...
  12. DP Jynx

    That's a wee bit awkward IMO. "Shadow Ball is generally superior to (Not superior over AFAIK) Ice Beam because it hits ghost and Psychic-types harder, espeically Hypno and Grumpig." (:
  13. Smogon Tournament #5 - Rules and Registration

    I'll play if I can =D
  14. Flareon (Full Revamp) +

    That was wrong for a start ._. I've bumped it to 211. This puts flareon ahead of base 55s , and those who go for 210 speed to beat swift swimmers. I'll do that for the Choice sets too, I tend to find flareon a bit too slow usually. =/
  15. Cresselia (Full Revamp) +

    There shouldn't be spaces before or after <p> and </p>. Also, substitute is fairly common on CM Cress. IMO At least put it in the set comments.