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  1. accurpressure, evasion clause? and killing last poke via certain moves?

    Actually evasion clause is not a problem. If you don't want to miss your fire blast or thunder, use flamethrower/thuderbolt instead! Luck is one of the most important aspect in pokemon game. You could put a machamp in your team to avoid missing attack towards Garchomp! Sometimes burn and...
  2. OU Toxic Spikes

    after your froslass was dead, a single gliscor make you dead. This means a CScarfed fire type plus a standard gliscor make you being sweep easily. Change your rotom-W to rotom-frost will be much better.
  3. Team of Destruction

    TEAM OF DESTRUCTION Lead: F-16 (Aerodactyl)@Jolly Nature (+Spe,-SpA) EV spread: 252Atk, 252Spe, 6HP Item: Choice Scarf Ability: Rock Head Move set: Stealth Rock, Crunch, Double Edge, Rock Slide A classical Aerodactyl lead. However, Taunt is replaced by DE according to fully...
  4. Team Comical Sweep [OU Gli-Pass RMT]

    That Jolteon really looks like a flareon. In fact, I don't think subpass is a good set for jolteon. I'll replace it with signal beam and shadow ball.
  5. log on shoddy

    thx a lot. It's Okay now.
  6. log on shoddy

    so, use which password? It was just like no matter what i enter to the password box, it pops up an incorrect box.
  7. log on shoddy

    I've download shoddy and try to log onto it. But it was a fail. I try a several times and change my password, but it was still not okay. any solve?