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    You’re a GP WIZARD in LC, you’re the best!

    You’re a GP WIZARD in LC, you’re the best!
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    Done Timburr

    shoot u right
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    Done Timburr

    muy buenos días my only issue with this is the following sentence: “Although Timburr can check most of the tier’s Stealth Rock and Spikes setters, it dislikes dealing with Sticky Web and Toxic Spikes setters such as Cutiefly, Weezing, and Mareanie so a Toxic Spikes Absorber such as Mareanie or...
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    Quality Control Darumaka-Galar [QC 0/2]

    que honda kill fire punch last sentence should say “from pokemon like Vullaby and Drilbur” take out the jolly nature sentence at the end of p1 other than that, excelente! 2/2
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    Done Wynaut

    que honda you didn’t implement Merritt’s last point about Knock Off absorbers; you should do so the first sentence of the second paragraph should be two sentences. the first is about set-up sweepers and is good, the second is about pivots and should mention: 1) the word pivot in place of...
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    Done Drilbur

    it’s good! 2/2
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    Quality Control Pawniard (1/2)

    Hey Take Azelfie i like a lot of what stoward said there but it really is a lot to try to check around, so could you please implement what you think has the most merit from his check and then tag me for a 2/2?
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    Quality Control Vullaby [QC: 0/2]

    Funbot28 lets get this moving!
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    Quality Control Sizzlipede [QC 0/2]

    aloha coil is too niche with onix and corph being so good right now. I’d remove it and throw it into OO when full analyses come around cherubi is dead make the last sentence in the second paragraph a full sentence lol also as I recently learned you have to remove the <> from the credits...
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    Quality Control Gossifleur [QC 1/2]

    Got this in finally, how do I cite that both of you checked it?
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    Announcement LC Suspect - Black Balloons

    well, after days of losing my mind on the ladder I think I’m done trying for reqs however: :drifloon: I think that floon ought to go because it is too unpredictable. For example, we all know you have to play differently against NP Vull, Offensive Pivot Vull, and the rare Scarf Vull in order...
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    Metagame Metagame Discussion Thread

    like yeah, is playing against a ferroseed the literal most annoying thing in the universe? yes! is that because ferroseed is broken or unhealthy for the metagame? no! it is because i hate ferroseed!
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    Tournament LC Ekans Draft - Week 3

    predicts: Spectators: Shrug vs Fiend gonna be a good one boys
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    Metagame Metagame Discussion Thread

    oh duh I’m an idiot
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    Quality Control Oddish [QC 0/2]

    free and fun amcheck I’m still a lil unfamiliar with this format but somewhere it needs to be written that Oddish should be running 0 HP IVs to get that 19 HP LO number Wingull gets KOd by Solar Beam and shouldn’t be mentioned in the threats part, bc if your Oddish is in against a Wingull out...