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    Metagame Tier Shift

    Has anyone made a good Granbull set... will my big dumb dog ever find its purpose
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    Metagame Tier Shift

    This guy's been cleaning up pretty much all my matches lately: Arbok @ Black Sludge Ability: Shed Skin EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD Adamant Nature - Coil - Gunk Shot - Sucker Punch - Seed Bomb
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    Other Metagame of the Month Archive

    Camomons, Inheritance, Scalemons, Inverse, Pokebilities
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    Metagame Scalemons

    One of the absolute joys of Scalemons (and truly any alternative meta) is the ability to let lowly Pokemon that are dear to you shine and regain the element of surprise. Here's a set I've been running and looooving: Stunfisk @ Assault Vest Ability: Static EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpA...
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    BH Balanced Hackmons Central Resources

    Mega Swampert still has value in other applications. A Sap Sipper set will almost always invite an unwitting attack boost. Z-Tailwind + STAB Bonemerang and Crabhammer pretty much guarantee massive crits, and w/ the speed boost and Icicle Crash can deal w/ Garchomp.
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    Metagame Inverse

    Mega-Beedrill is one of many pokemon that breaks Inverse and is idiot-proof, but I've found that any Sturdy pokemon w/ decent offense is pretty much guaranteed to OHKO it. My Donphan has prompted many a rage quit.
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    Metagame Inverse

    Would banning Last Resort outright be out of the question?
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    Metagame Inverse

    I think the two most reliable Tapu Koko switch-ins I've employed thus far are Mantine and Motor Drive Electevire. Mantine is comfortably bulky and has a 4x resistance, Electevire can absorb an electric move and actually have some offensive utility, especially after a speed boost from Motor Drive.
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    Metagame Inverse

    Been having success w/ this on a Rain Dance team Armaldo @ Rocky Helmet/ Leftovers Ability: Swift Swim EVs: 248 Atk/ 8 SpD/ 252 Spe Adamant Nature -Aqua Tail -Stone Edge -X-Scissor -Hone Claws usually knocks out Tapu Koko, Aqua Tail hits grass types expecting to switch into X-Scissor