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  • so i am on now and will be on more otnight, but i need to be away for about 45 minutes starting at 9 my time, hopefully we can do it around that ._. (fucking dorm required meetings that they tell us about 24 hours before 9.9)
    Hey Brammi, we're opponents for LC Slam, Could you let me know your timezone and general hours of availability?
    Sorry I had a showcase, wasn't really able to battle on Sat/Sun, you active for tmw if possible? Not sure when NU Open ends. I assume we can still get it done.
    hey, sorry I was on vacation for most of this week :(
    i'm on IRC right now and here, contact me ASAP so we can do a huge session or something
    today was not a good week for me cause of vacation and all :/
    i cant tell if anyone is online on these forums, if youre still here just vm me again and we can agree on a server to go to
    Ah that makes this easy. Well I can't play between 8:40 and 9:40, but other than that Tuesday night works :)
    I don't know your timezone yet so I don't know what your late night is.
    ight sounds good, i'm free then so we can set up a time whenever you're back
    Hey we're battling for the highlander tournament, I'm on holiday so I have no idea when I'll be on. However, I will be back starting from 5 days from now and I can play anytime from then until deadline, so playing then would be preferable. I'm GMT + 12 btw.
    Kk, I'm on every now and then so we should be able to find a time that works when you get back.
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