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    Ubers Ubers Spring Seasonal - Round 1

    how did I even lose? Kanga did the business for me in game 1. Game 2 we brought the exact same team and I literally still have no idea how I lost it. Game 3 we bought the exact same team bar one mon, and he brought a stupid SD Recover ground-arceus AND Primal-groudon. What a stupid pairing.
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    Texas Hold'em

    *Bump* I'm a student and this week it's the United Kingdom Student Poker Championship (UKSPC) in Coventry. I'm heading down on the Wednesday. Not too fussed about cashing, more bothered about playing well, having fun & getting drunk. On a side note, not so long back, I won my first live...
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    ORAS PU Who cares if they're Putridly Used?

    Hello, my name's Brap. Some of you might know me from Showdown as Bonfire Heart, or from the old days as Bartman101. Good Times. Since Gen 6 started, I'd been hanging around in Ubers most of the time. But after I was banned from the Ubers room on Showdown for one of my trademark angry rants...
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    Texas Hold'em

    Went to Blackpool casino last night and played the comp. £20+10+6 (buy-in+bounty+reg free). 41 runners. Managed to come 6th and min cash, as well as getting 4 knockouts. Came out with £100 in the end. That's despite some idiot calling me with 8 high on a 1064 flop when I flopped top set and...
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    ORAS Ubers Undefeated without hax. Peaked #6

    Hey, thanks for the rate. I changed Palkia to Primal Groudon and noticed an improvement immediately. I went 18-1 as shown here, where my only loss was from timing out lol. But then this happened: Turn 1 Darkrai used Dark Void! The opposing Xerneas avoided the attack! The opposing Xerneas...
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    Gen 6 Creative / Underrated Uber Sets : V3 (No Gimmicks plz)

    SCARF RAI THE TRUE UBER OF THE UBER TIER Darkrai @ Choice Scarf Ability: Bad Dreams EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Timid Nature - Dark Void - Trick - Dark Pulse - Focus Blast Quite possibly the single best lead in the ubers tier atm. Only fucked against Mega Mewtwo Y, but even that can't...
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    Texas Hold'em

    So I searched for a thread on poker but couldn't find one, so I made this (apologies if it's in the wrong place). Since I've been gone from the pokemon world and smogon over the past ~2 years, I've got really into poker, specifically no limit texas hold-em, but I play other variants too. My...
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    2015/16 Football/Soccer thread

    If Bolton get relegated again can I still come back?
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    ORAS Ubers Undefeated without hax. Peaked #6

    Should have got higher. Fucking so pissed off at hax. Literally this team has never lost a battle on the ubers ladder when there's been no hax. Using this account for the first time in like 2 years to post this. #VivaLaBartman Kangaskhan @ Kangaskhanite Ability: Scrappy EVs: 252 Atk / 4...
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    no use. me GMT. available times vary so much so just tell me when you can do and I'll see if I...

    no use. me GMT. available times vary so much so just tell me when you can do and I'll see if I can make them.
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    It's No Use! - Signups

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    The DPP NU Tournament - Round 2

    Someone please remind me never to battle at 4am again