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  1. NBA Offseason 2009

    who the fuck cares if he's a jerk or not, can we get back on the subject of the sport?
  2. NBA Offseason 2009

    Rodman was the best rebounder in nba history even better than wilt and russel as he grabbed a higher percentage of missed shots.
  3. NBA Offseason 2009

    Horace Grant for the first 3-peat and then Rodman grabbed all the rebounds so Jordan and Pippen didnt have to worry about it for the second 3-peat.
  4. noSTAB Tournament - Registration

  5. NBA Offseason 2009

    Maybe starting Evans and having bargani on the bench would be good.
  6. NBA Offseason 2009

    Okay here's how the east is gonna turn out 1. Boston 2.Cavaliers 3.Orlando 4.Wizards 5.Raptors 6.Hawks 7.Heat 8.Pacers
  7. NBA Offseason 2009

    It not like hes the only one that uses them :P Also such a shame.....
  8. Ultimate Cup - The Titillating Thirty-Two

    locopoke vs. 32. Eo Ut Mortus Krack vs. 31. Kevin Garrett Taylor vs. 30. Gouki Dormin vs. 29. Blue Kirby Twist of Fate vs. 28 JabbaTheGriffin Twash vs. 27. Stalefish Reachzero vs. 26. SoT Veteren In Love vs. 25. Brawley Limitless vs. 24. LoveDestiny TAY vs. 23. Mien. Atticus vs. 22. stone_cold22...
  9. Ultimate Force an OU RMT

    Nice team overall, but one issue I really see is a Latias weak whether it be specs/scarf/cm its going to be a tab troublesome. To remedy the problem I recommend using either Scizor or Tyranitar over Machamp. By doing this you still have impressive attacking power while having a solid Latias...
  10. Ultimate Cup - The Titillating Thirty-Two

    My mom is very nice >:( Ill do predictions later.
  11. Smogon Shoddy Server Statistics - July 2009

    Just posting to say Doug is insanely awesome Also breloom and gengar are getting used more than I expected.
  12. The pound-for-pound tournament! ROUND 1

    lol, its a little too late for that buddy.
  13. The World Cup of Pokemon IV - Semi Finals

    Damn stalefish and his tournament stopping tricks >_>. GL metro and Asia.
  14. NBA Offseason 2009

    Okay bery I got this, so stop nitpicking lol
  15. NBA Offseason 2009

    Ah forgot the hawks.