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    The Well #72 - SuperEpicAmpharos

    why is your pfp empoleon?
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    TCS SPOOKY QUS: #3 - woudl a glue factory accept a centaur??

    this is exactly what happened with the Tesco's horse meat scandal.
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    Are you a Pi Male?

    i'm irrational.
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    Candy Store

    Come on Gabo! At least finish the "candys nuts fit in yo mouth" joke.
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    don't go to tea parties in boston terrible service.
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    For the greats

    truly one of the grates.
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    Epic tournament!!!!!

    sorry sir, this is a squid game.
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    A Flawed Forum Exposed

    This must have come as a real slapperfish to the face.
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    Candy Store

    Excuse me, this man has been repeatedly asking me to suck his cock in your store. I originally thought that maybe this man was looking to pay for such services, but he told me that he wants me to spend everything that I have for the privilege.
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    the modern age

    chuck norris invented the router... a notable contribution to the modem age.
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    Beer, wine, hard alcohol, or mixed drinks?

    i like a microwaved water.
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    my last brain cell when i'm in an exam yes i wear a blender as a hat, it's fashion you prick
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    The Final Character [SPOILERS ITT]

    devastating news for us in the Clippy camp. on the bright side, this inclusion makes it way more likely for Smash 6 to include the Pixar lamp as DLC.
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    Microwaving water

    not if you poke holes in it first.
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    Microwaving water

    i buy steam and let it cool down. far more energy efficient.