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    Move Sticky Web

    I'm really curious to see if this will trigger defiant, because that would be insane and a really neat way to shove the move in your opponents face
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    Oct. 20th- Green Country Comics and Gaming Convention 2013 (Tulsa, OK)

    GCCG, will be a two day event for both October 19th and 20th. In previous years, the gaming tournaments have had great turnouts and always include major title games such as.. Call of Duty Black Ops II Halo 4 Soul Calibur Marvel Vs Capcom Street Fighter Super Smash Bros. Brawl Mortal Kombat...
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    Single Elimination

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    Single Elimination

    single elimination is a horrible idea in prelims, top cut is acceptable to have single elimination i think
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    Help for new VGC organizers?

    omegadonut, if you and/or kaphotics gets a plugin that locks battle box and checks it all at the same time thats easy to use i know for sure i would invest the 30 bucks into it, im sure many other people would too
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    Promoting the Local VGC Scene

    Yeah jrank thats true, but come to think of it maybe thats a good thing, so we can teach people to beat specific threats
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    Promoting the Local VGC Scene

    Posting them respectively with the campus rules is implied Also on that rain team Jrank, we might need something a little more basic like Kingdra and Gastrodon with rain abilities and stuff to teach people like ALL the strengths of rain and then like go from there
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    Promoting the Local VGC Scene

    Someone who has it please put skarmbliss special on here as a goodstuffs
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    Promoting the Local VGC Scene

    If someone would go ahead and start on the preloaded cartridges right now, that would be really amazing, and im sure a super standard TR, rain dance, zapchomp, and a few other super easy mode teams would be really easy to make. Once those are made people who go to the leagues and/or are trying...
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    Chronicles of Width

    Chodes fly together
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    National Collegiate Pokemon Association

    I know for a fact El Scorcho has a pretty good thing going at the Oklahoma State University and quite a few people play there with him. I personally play here in Tulsa at Tulsa Community College, there are about 4 different campus locations, so hopefully i wouldnt be the only one of the 4 to...
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    VGC '12 Japanese Championships

    Human shhhhh
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    VGC '12 United States National - Indianapolis - WON by Cybertron and Wolfey

    Hey does anyone going happen to have Resident Evil 3, code Veronica, or operation raccoon city they would sell me real cheap or trade for plushies or just straight up give me? I have like 16 million copies of glover 64 too I'd trade!!
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    VGC '12 United States National - Indianapolis - WON by Cybertron and Wolfey

    So if you and someone else went 8-0 and the other person had regional byes they would rank above you no matter what?