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    Programming VGCSpreader: An automatic tool to create efficient spreads

    Am I missing something, or is Psychic not implemented?:
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    Quality Control Mandibuzz [QC: 0/2]

    [OVERVIEW] Mandibuzz is a competent option for teams seeking a defensive solution to physical attackers or opposing defensive walls. The former are handled by efficient stat allocation and Foul Play, and the latter by above average Speed and Taunt. However, Mandibuzz's Speed is not so high...
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    Ultra Battle Spot Singles Analysis Reservations

    Reserving Mandibuzz with permission.
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    Sent a PM

    Sent a PM
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    Thanks! Didn't think these would get rolled out so quick.

    Thanks! Didn't think these would get rolled out so quick.
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    VGC 18 Snorlax

    Darkmalice has been inactive recently, so I finished this up for him. Uploaded!
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    VGC 18 Mega Lopunny

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    VGC 18 Kingdra

    Implemented and uploaded!
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    VGC 18 Raichu

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    VGC: Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer

    Synre wrote a pretty good article on VGC '16 team archetypes on the official Pokemon site back in the day. I recommend giving it a read, as it does a good job at covering some of the more prominent ones:
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    Announcement VGC 2019 ruleset announced TLDR: GS Cup with several format adjustments throughout the year. Discuss!
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    VGC 18 Zapdos

    Was bored, so I just did this myself. Uploaded!
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    VGC 18 Gastrodon

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    VGC 18 Snorlax

    Sorry about the delay in checking this, I've had a hectic week. Gave this a read and I don't really have any criticisms. You did a good job revamping this! 2/2 QC