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    Abomasnow (QC 0/3)

    This thread is now ready for QC checks.
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    Abomasnow (QC 0/3)

    Thanks Laga for letting me know about the skeleton format. I've updated the OP and added some info for the physical Mega set
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    Abomasnow (QC 0/3)

    “A cold wind was blowing from the north, and it made the trees rustle like living things.” Overview ######## *Pros* The only current Hail setter in the meta-game, Hail is a very useful weather for disrupting opposing weather strategies that could otherwise be deadly. Typing gives a very handy...
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    Doubles C&C Index and Reservations

    Since I see no one writing Abomasnow, I'll reserve him. I will have a [WIP] thread up tomorrow.
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    Abomasnow [QC Ready 0/2]

    Did a few other things today: Added a Focus Sash set Re-wrote the introduction and some parts of the Mega set I don't really like the Choice Band nor the Life Orb sets that much, to be honest. As I said before, Life Orb has the problem of being totally outclassed by the Mega set. Choice Band...
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    Abomasnow [QC Ready 0/2]

    Alright, I'm back from the holiday rush, so just so you know I've read both suggestions and had some time to test them. I haven't gotten around to fully testing them, however, and I probably won't get around to writing the rest of the sets until I feel they're viable. I've changed the title back...
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    Abomasnow [QC Ready 0/2]

    Overview ######## The changes from B/W to X/Y were kind enough to Abomasnow and gave our Yeti Christmas tree a Mega Evolution, packing some amazing mixed offensive stats. Upon Mega Evolving, his base speed actually lowers to 30, tied with Reuniclus and Snorlax, making him the "fastest" Mega...
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    [QC Ready 0/2] Reuniclus

    Fire Punch on Scrafty is illegal atm as it is a BW2 tutor move, so don't mention it under the [Partners] section. Also, the support set looks way too messy: -Thunder Wave/Confuse Ray/Light Screen/Reflect/Helping Hand/Snatch/Safeguard -Thunder Wave/Confuse Ray/Light Screen/Reflect/Helping...
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    Houndoom[QC Ready 0/2]

    You should slash Fire Blast next to Flamethrower. Yes, Fire Blast may have gotten nerfed and has 85% accuracy, but the extra power it has combined with Solar Power and that high special attack makes it a nuke to a single Pokemon.
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    VGC 2014 Analysis Reservation Thread

    Reserving Abomasnow, I've been using him very effectively in a Trick Room team on Showdown and Wi-fi
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    [QC READY 2/3]Crawdaunt

    I'd say TR deserves at least a mention. The problem is that TR isn't as viable in singles as it is in doubles, and since you have to use one of the TR turns to put it up, you really don't have much for your other mons to benefit from it.
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    Abomasnow (QC 0/1)

    I should've clarified; Mega Mawile can take whatever Mega Abomasnow throws at it (even EQ) and can OHKO with Iron Head. I fix'd the OP
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    Hey, just letting you know that your Timid 5IV Litwick is ready to trade for that Pinsir you...

    Hey, just letting you know that your Timid 5IV Litwick is ready to trade for that Pinsir you told me in the Showdown chatroom. I won't be available till tonight though, I'm writing an exam tomorrow and will be in the library all day today. I'll message you when I get home for the quick trade, I...
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    Official Smogon University Simulator Statistics — November 2013

    Kanghaskan, I'm so proud. One of the best mons this gen by far. I am very, very surprised to see Alakazam's usage so high in doubles. Personally, I see no reason to use him in that metagame, he is way too frail, loses Magic Guard upon Mega evolving, has no multi hit moves and there are way...
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    "Worst Kalos Pokemon?" Thread

    Dedenne isn't even that bad when compared to the rest of the garbage out there like Unown and Delibird. Shittiest Kalos Pokémon I'd have to agree though. At least Vivillion has Compoundeyes and Furfrou has Fur Coat going for them.