Gina waited a few moments as Kellie headed for the bedroom, then turned in the direction of the bathroom. Sure enough, there on the bottom shelf was a tall ceramic cup filled with a couple of individually wrapped toothbrushes, each with a tiny travel sized tube of Crest. Right next to them was a small stack of paper Dixie cups, each also covered in plastic. As she ripped one open and began to brush her teeth, Gina wondered how often Kellie had unexpected overnight guests, that she felt the need to store little kits like these for.

Gina had just finished rinsing out her mouth when there was a knock on the bathroom door and, after waiting for a few seconds to make sure that her guest didn't object, Kellie let herself in. In her hand was a pair of light blue unisex pajamas, also wrapped in plastic, along with a washcloth and bath towel.

"I bought these for my niece when she visited last summer, but she never got around to wearing them," Kellie said as she handed the package to Gina. "I think the two of you are just about the same size."

Gina glanced at the product tag and decided that it was close enough not to make a difference. She hadn't given any thought to taking a shower, but recalling how long a day it had been, was glad that Kellie had simply assumed that she wanted to.

After unwrapping the pajamas and laying them on the top of the hamper, Gina stripped off all of her clothes, including her now slightly soiled underwear.

'I guess I really should've gotten that clean pair from my desk,' she mused before using some of the plastic covering from the nightwear to wrap up her panties. 'Oh well, it won't be the first time I went home in the morning without underwear.'

Now totally nude, she turned on the water in the shower, adjusting the hanging curtain to be sure none of it splashed onto the floor. Then, after giving it a few minutes to warm up, she stepped under the pleasant stream.

As she covered her body with soap, running her hands across her breasts and down between her legs, Gina was even more thankful that Kellie had opened her home to her. If she had stayed back at the office, the odds were that, despite her initial disinclination, she probably would've wound up at the party at Clancy's and once there, who knew what might've happened. Given her long dry spell, that night with David notwithstanding, plus her tendency to drink too much at parties, she could have woken up tomorrow morning having done something, or more specifically, someone she'd later regret.

As she rinsed herself off, Gina's mind drifted a bit and she found herself wondering what Kellie did for sexual relief. She was, even close to forty, still an attractive woman, but in none of their conversations had she ever mentioned a man in her life. And from what several co-workers had told Gina, Kellie never brought anyone to corporate social functions. Some said she was married to the job, while others just thought she was a private person who preferred to keep her professional and personal lives separate. An even smaller few had more salacious theories.

Sandra Collins, who had been at the firm nearly a decade, believed that Kellie was having an affair with her boss, an idea that, given recent events, Gina was no longer so quick to dismiss as ridiculous. If nothing else, it might explain how Kellie could afford an apartment like this. Private secretaries were often called "office wives" and the distinction between them and actual wives could easily blur. She and Abraham Bernstein were only eight years apart in age, the financial wizard having been something of a 'wunderkind', and their relationship, whatever the details might be, had lasted longer than his two marriages combined.

'Whatever the truth, it's really none of my business,' Gina thought, putting the matter out of her head as she finished drying and tried on the pajamas.
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