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  1. The Weekly Spriting Contest 13

    Igor I cannot judge anymore. Sorry but I'm much too busy.
  2. WSC WEEK 12

    Sounds good, thanks a bunch dude.
  3. WSC WEEK 12

    Thanks for getting this up Mordock. Guys, sad to say but I'm retiring from the Smogon WSC. I just have too much stuff going on to maintain judging and running it. Mordock, you or 1337 can keep running this if you want, or someone else can. Sorry guys, it's been fun while it lasted!
  4. Smogon WSC Week 11

    K nice thanks Mordock.
  5. Smogon WSC Week 11

    Poll's up. Sorry for the delay guys. Also, I've been quite busy lately and I will be out of town this weekend. Would anyone (the judges first preferably) like to do Week 12?
  6. Smogon WSC Week 11

    You're still allowed to enter Bynine, don't worry. Updated the HoF! Congrats to Week 9 winners!
  7. Smogon WSC Week 11

    The Spriting Hall of Fame! Welcome to the Hall of Fame, where the talented spriters who won the Smogon Weekly Spriting Contests will be showcased! Credit goes to XandZero2 for the trophies! Past winners and their awards (trophies, medals, etc): Here will be the past winners of the...
  8. Smogon WSC Week 11

    Week 10 Finalists: BynineB: Albel: Ungulateman: MrBlack: XandZero2:
  9. Smogon WSC Week 11

    ~*~The Smogon Weekly Spriting Contest~*~ Because random symbols can make anything look better Officially approved by Firestorm and Doomsday Banner by Dragonknight08 Welcome one, welcome all to the one and only Smogon WSC! A Spiritng Contest (And Possibly an Art Contest if we can be bothered...
  10. Smogon WSC Week 8

    Can one of the mods please lock/unsticky this.
  11. Smogon WSC Week 10

    No animations are not allowed. Sorry.
  12. Smogon WSC Week 10

    Updated the HoF with runner-ups as well as added the poll for this week! Sorry for the delay!
  13. Smogon WSC Week 10

    Go for it lol, just edit your post with the resized sprite.
  14. Smogon WSC Week 10

    Bynine your sprite is 1 pixel too big, so we'll unfortunately have to reject it. Lol just kidding.
  15. Smogon WSC Week 10

    It doesn't have to have approval from judges. Any Pokemon you think looks doofy can be made badass.