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    Very late response, but thank you!

    Very late response, but thank you!
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    Singles 3v3 Singles (BSS) Discussion

    Butterfree can be hit pretty hard by this, Sleep-Sub-Quiver-Sleep-Sub... takes up a lot of turns, and the opponent can put a hard cap on the number of turns in the game by starting to play slowly which leaves Butterfree without the time to set itself up. If you use a setup-support lead you're...
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    Singles 3v3 Singles (BSS) Discussion

    So it appears like Season two of BSS will allow some Gmax Pokemon to be used. The list is the same as VGC's currently allowed Gmaxers, which is as follows: Charizard (but only with Blaze), Butterfree, Meowth, Eevee, Snorlax, Corviknight, Drednaw, Sandaconda, Centiskorch So for us, that's not a...
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    Battle Spot Sandaconda

    With 252/252 being the main spread (which I'm in favour of btw) this line needs rewording since bulk is now the exception and not the standard Other than that, I think having Togekiss in the list of bulkier setup sweepers (final paragraph), probably over Rotom formes, would be nice in my...
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    Battle Spot Dracovish

    Thank you. That has all been implemented.
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    Battle Spot Sylveon

    Remove the bit about 51hp subs, since they're just short at 50, need base 97hp or more for 51subs sadly. Also add onto the 'outspeed corviknight' bit, that it takes 68 Speed EVs. And that's QC1/2
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    I forgot when I signed up that I'd be on a submarine for the next 3 months. Gonna ask the host...

    I forgot when I signed up that I'd be on a submarine for the next 3 months. Gonna ask the host for an extension, a'ight?
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    Battle Spot Sylveon

    Item wise, Pixie Plate should probably be the main item with Choice Specs following. The difficulty starts after that, 'cause Leftovers are often on sets using CM/Sub, that the other two items aren't as interested in. So containing it all in one set might be difficult. Personally, I think Throat...
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    Battle Spot Sandaconda

    Smooth rock has reduced funtion with sand spit compared to sand stream imo, though definitely has a valid use. Because the sand activation if often delayed if the game starts with non-attacking moves the extra turns aren't as useful as with sand stream. I think Sitrus is worth considering too...
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    Battle Spot Dracovish

    CB is much more breaker style, playing more like m-medicham in oras ou (this is not an exact comparison). While scarf is stronger vs the offensive stuff, to a point. So, as I see it, CB's role is more unique, which is why it's the preferred first slash for me at this early meta stage. I'm happy...
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    Battle Spot Gyarados

    Agree with Ika that Wacan is worth considering, on DD. During dyna volt from scarf rotom-a against wacan gyara does ~35%, it can force them into bad positions when they end up switching out into something they don't want in against a boosted gyara. I think having two sets is fine. AOA's...
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    Resource Battle Stadium Singles Team Bazaar

    Rilla-Vish Sand :Rillaboom: :Sandaconda: :Excadrill: :Mimikyu: :Dracovish: :Duraludon: usual game plan is to have one of Mimikyu/Excadrill/Dracovish break and weaken key targets for another one to clean up. When you can't find a situation to Swords Dance...
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    Battle Spot Duraludon

    I like the set, and the write-up is A+. But sadly we have to do Light Metal > Stalwart. Stalwart isn't the Mold Breaker+ we ideally would love it to be, it just ignores the redirection bits only and nothing else (won't ignore sturdy or disguise, or even the immunity part of storm drain/lightning...
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    Battle Spot Barraskewda

    The only major change is removing the second set as, sadly, Propeller Tail (and Stalwart and Snipe Shot) do nothing in singles. They aren't Mold Breaker+, they really do just ignore the redirection side of abilities (storm drain, lightning rod) and moves (follow me, rage powder). That aside...
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    Battle Spot Dracovish

    [SET] name: Fishious Rend move 1: Fishious Rend move 2: Crunch move 3: Psychic Fangs move 4: Rock Tomb item: Choice Band / Choice Scarf / Mystic Water ability: Strong Jaw nature: Adamant / Jolly evs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe [SET COMMENTS] Fishious Rend is remarkably powerful on Dracovish as...