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  1. Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer (CAP V. 3.0 READ THE OP!)

    Do we know what plans there are RE Capmon in Gen 8? Will it be built on a 'National Dex' or Galar only Dex? Or will it just be OU+CAPMon, and the decision will be left to OU? And have OU made any decision? And is there any where that the news of what the new Generation is bringing and how that...
  2. CaP26 Prevo - Part 3 - Art Submissions

    I like the design on face #2. It matches the lack of expressiveness from Equilibra. However, that may also count against it based on the abilities chosen, making #1 the preferred to match that theme/flavour.
  3. CaP26 Prevo - Part 2 - Ability Discussion

    I see no major purpose to change Levitate at all. If we have levitate, the design necessitates it hovers. Bulletproof is tangential to its nature as being immune to Projectiles, stemming from its design and steel typing 'armour' as its flavour reasoning for that Immunity. However, Justified...
  4. CAP 26 - Final Product

    Equilibra in the replay, oh dear. Congratulations everyone!
  5. CAP 26 - Part 10 - Name Poll 2

    Judgmantle Auricle
  6. CAP 26 - Part 10 - Name Submissions

    WIP Exthemis Portmanteau of "Extremis" and "Themis" Pronounced; "Ex-Theme-Is" "Extremis" is "at the point of death" - aka Doom Desire, and "Themis" is a greek titan/god as the personification of Justice
  7. CAP 26 - Part 8 - Moveset Discussion

    If you do not ban Flash Cannon and Flash Cannon is preferable, all of your analysis and preparation to actualize a "delayed-damage dealer" concept will be proven a failure, because you included Flash Cannon. If Doom Desire can stand by itself, then it will be used regardless of Flash Cannon. If...
  8. CAP 26 - Part 8 - Moveset Discussion

    If Flash Cannon is not going to outweigh Doom Desires usefulness, then there is no point in including it, if Doom Desire is just better. If Flash Cannon is going to outclass DD, then it needs to be banned. Either way, the optics on a Doom Desire build preclude Flash Cannon being used. Flash...
  9. CAP 26 - Art Poll 4

  10. CAP 26 - Part 8 - Moveset Discussion

    I don't have the time or skill to write up a set, but how would Sticky Web interact? We want to force situations where opponents find it undesirable to switch in to Doom Desire and with Sticky Web up further penalising them, this should help with the roll of pivoting out to provide safer switch...
  11. CAP 26 - Art Poll 3

    Pipotchi Yilx StephXPM
  12. CAP 26 - Art Poll 2

    Quanyails Pipotchi Yilx Cresselia92
  13. CAP 26 - Part 7 - Secondary Ability Poll 1

    No Competitive Ability
  14. CAP 26 - Art Submissions

    I quote like this, although the Hexes and shape are more than a passing resemblance to 50% Zygarde, was that intentional?