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  1. BW OU Art of Ruin - Peaked #1

    I tested this team, I changed two things which helped ALOT First, leftovers over life orb on starmie. Second, I opted for brick break over superpower on scizor. Mainly as dual screen leads can really screw you over - only doing pitiful damage in the first 8 turns. Brick break stops this...
  2. Mirror Match Tournament - Round 2

    I forfit my match, I dislike studies >.< simply don't have enough time.
  3. How I lost in the first Round (A Seattle VGC Warstory)

    Great read man, bad luck getting out first round though.
  4. Mono Tournament II - Round 1

    Defeated NARFNra 5-0, GG.
  5. Enslave Latias (OU Warstory)

    Great read.
  6. Mirror Match Tournament - Round 1

    Deep Thought and i played one battle, using my team. I won 1-0. Then i had to leave to do chores and by the time i had to come back he was gone. We hope to get the other battle or battles done shortly. So the score is respectively 1-0 to me.
  7. Cybertron's Trade Thread

    Please CMT for E-vire and both groudon.
  8. Mono Tournament II - Signups

  9. Legends Awakened Round 2

  10. The Nonagon Tournament - Round 1

    Defeated Bulbasaurus 2-0, GG's.
  11. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer - mark 23 (READ THE OP)

    I have a Lugia originally caught in a heavy ball from HGSS, on my plat however it comes up as being caught in a pokeball. When I trade it over to HGSS will it change back to a heavy ball? Will it also show the place caught instead of 'Distant Land'?
  12. The Nonagon Tournament - signups