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    Thank you for the the reply. That clears it up!:-)
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    If I am correct, at level 50, evs are useful only in multiples of 8 right? So, a mon should only be trained for 248 evs in a particuar stat?
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    I've tried googling but can't find a definitive answer anywhere. Is it possible to unlock more music for battle maison beyond the 4 ones already available in pokemon y? Is yes, how?
  4. Are you a fan of Welcome to the NHK?

    Are you a fan of Welcome to the NHK?
  5. Unpopular opinions

    On the contrary, the menu of HG/SS was one of the best things of the game. It actually used the touch screen to it's full extent, reducing the reliance on buttons, which if someone plays as much as I do, get screwed up, anyway. You could easily access any menu quickly and didn't need to keep a...
  6. Unpopular opinions

    He just used legendary mons to sweep the league. From a logical perspective, he is a trainer who used his most powerful mons to steamroll opponents. Kind of what we do ingame, quite often in speedruns. It's that the writers just suddenly introduced him and abruptly ended the d/p series which...
  7. Who are your favorite PokeTubers?

    Shofu. (I love his Let's play runs, particularly the Pokemon reborn one. ) Back in gen 5, I liked watching flamingSpade, particularly for many of his lower tier battles. On a side note, I remember watching a video of someone gobbling a Blissey TCG card back in gen 4 just before a battle but I...
  8. How do you pick a version?

    Red/Blue This was before I had internet access, so I didn't even know about the existence of different versions like Blue, Yellow. I got red and just played it! Gold/Silver Played Gold (and Crystal) at my friend's house. Never got them for myself though. Ruby/Sapphire Groudon looked way...
  9. Unpopular opinions

    I am not sure how unpopular it is, but I liked Voltorb Flip in hg/ss instead of the slot machines and the rest from the earlier games. I sucked at the slot machines and roulette and liked the change from "Press 'A' at the right time and hope for the best" to a (mostly) logical mini-game. Once...
  10. Yo, remember me?

    Yo, remember me?
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    Don't know where to ask this, but will the closure of Nintendo wifi of b/w affect pokecheck?
  12. Apprentice Program: Round Sixty One

    Username: CommandurrClowncrete Age: 18 Pokemon Online/Shoddy Username:RbyCC Your timezone and usual hours of availability:My timezone is Gmt +5:30 or Indian standard time. I CAN be online for pretty much the entire day except for sleeping time from 11:00pm to 8:00am because I have summer...
  13. Smogon University PO Statistics — January 2012

    um d-nite in gen 1? I guess the popularity of terrakion(and till some extent virizion) is a reason for hydreigon's problems.
  14. Smogon University PO Statistics — October 2011

    Evire wasn't that good. Having to rely on a 70 base power Stab move to sweep isn't as good as you make it sound. Apart from great coverage, he didn't have anything going for him. And now we have team preview to pretty much make the Gyara-vire combo useless. You see them in the same team and you...
  15. Smogon University PO Statistics — October 2011

    Unlike Whimsicott, Sableye also trolls HO teams(most of them are physically based), unless the team has some lum-berry weilding pokemon. And with the loss of life-orb in favour of lum berry, HO pokes lose quite a lot of power.