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    Currently I'm just borrowing one from my stepdad but its a Simon and Patrick, not sure of the model. Its quite nice though.
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    Yeah I don't know how to do prefaces. I've been playing the guitar for like a couple weeks now. Its good times. So I guess I should ask you Smogoneers some things such as: 1. Do you play and/or interested in playing? 2. How'd you get into it and when? 3. What are your areas of interest in...
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    Serious Political Correctness and Race

    Race is a spook, all race is is simply morphological differences in humans caused by differing mutation in humans as per the region their ancestors are from and the traits that were common among those who bred. People who think its anything more than just a means of drawing lines in the sand to...
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    Resource OU Good Cores

    Ahem. Uh yeah. I'll do that LOL. Thanks for the save, baby.
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    Favourite PS! regular avatar

    You can't go wrong with Winona.
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    Resource OU Good Cores

    Offensive Core: Beedrill-Mega + QD Pheromosa Explanation: On first glance, this is just frail Bug + frail Bug. The common view on Mega Bee is that its merely a poor man's Pheromosa but by utilizing a Quiver Dance Pheromosa their synergy grows. MegaBee is quite efficient in luring in Ground...
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    SM OU The one hit wonder

    Ok baby, I'm seeing your team right here, and I'm just gonna tell you right here. Shedinja offense isn't good but if you insist on running it, I'll tell you how to fix your team. First of all is the sets my g, the sets. Get rid of Specs on Koko, Choiced Electric types are snacks in this...
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    what helps you fall asleep?

    My fan or my doggo. Blazing up is also quite effective.
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    Now I dont have any pictures of my cat, and I can't take any because it died in later 2016. But I can share some stories about that cat. To start off with, I went with my dad to get a cat from some sort of shelter, I was about 4 at the time. The cat was all black, one of those skinny tabbys...
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    School Talk

    Wait what's the focus of this thread supposed to be exactly?
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    You're a god damned artist

    You're a god damned artist
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    First Impressions / Appearance-Based Profiling

    Of course. I'm not some sorta anarcho-primitivist lol. That was just my probable reasoning of why people have the tendency to weigh a person's character out by observations or an initial exchange. In the modern world there's no reason to think that even 10% of the people you meet might wanna...
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    Where is your nick from?

    Well you see here. On Snapchat it has this thing where you can make stickers of things, and slap them onto snapchats right. So, I had one sticker of Josef Stalin, and I had one of Landorus because I was using snapchat to make a logo for this league I'm in. In a haze of pot smoke, a light bulb...
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    First Impressions / Appearance-Based Profiling

    What's the problem with analyzing someone based on first glance? This is probably just one of the most ancient human instincts, to be able to judge what an unfamiliar human is about, and whether it is "safe" (as it was) to interact with the unfamiliar human. If you didn't have these instincts it...
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    SM OU Double Dragon Dance

    Ay comrade. I see what youre tryna do there with that Roost Zardx my g. Now the thing is that your team doesnt really do anything against opposing Tapu Fini right except hardswitch to Mag like a fool right. So what Im sayin is on your Zardx you run that Tpunch you know what i mean, cuz then you...