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    Someone help pls

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    Alec Baldwin

    i'm hearing a lot about the baldwin brother who killed someone, but what about the other baldwin brothers who *haven't* killed anyone, ever? smh
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    Smogon's Official Death Bingo 2021

    proposing we have a murder bingo for next year:
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    Simple Questions with Stupid Answers OR Vice Versa

    dude it's a GAS station not an oil station. which makes me wonder. gas is literally around you, why the fuck do americans need to go to a station for it
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    if you refuse the vaccine or don't wear a mask

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    Your weird and wacky dreams

    i don't used this word very often, but believe me when i say this is based
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    Why the MCU actually sucks

    again, this is the physics of the MCU. As far as I'm concerned, almost all dance scenes might as well be magic too because I can't do any of that shit. As a side note, I've read a lot of the criticisms of the MCU films here and what I find interesting is that I don't disagree with a lot of...
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    Why the MCU actually sucks

    Buddy birds ruined dinosaurs by evolving feathers
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    *votes no*
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    Why the MCU actually sucks

    in superhero stories, power levels are whatever they need to be in order for the plot to function. It's completely divorced from IRL physics and that's fine - you can consider the physics of the MCU to have somewhat more unpredictable power scaling laws when it comes to sentient beings...
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    Why the MCU actually sucks

    yeah agree I thought endgame was better than the godfather
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    Microwaving water

    >mfw americans call a kettle a microwave
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     introducing: halloween forum style!

    thats great but can you make the forums smell like pumpkin spice
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    A Sacrifice!

    fuck you OP