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    lads how scary is stranger things

    it's about as scary as facing down shade in clapham common in 30 minutes that is to say, not very
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    itt we post ourselves doing the home improvement grunt

    for the uninitiated: my contribution:
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    Share the Art of Dall-E Mini!

    > disregards both sides of the debate
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    Anyone else live in NYC?

    same tbh
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    You’ll never believe what climate change did this time

    as someone who is invested in the stock market, please no
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    Ideas You Had

    buy a stock and convince someone to buy it from you at a higher price
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    Hobbies About the Furry Fandom.

    serious question: what's the term for someone who's sexually attracted to furries, but isn't one themselves? i.e. someone who fancies other humans dressed in fursuits and who partake in the furry fandom etc
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    when you turn 66 in the UK

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    Rock-Paper-Smogoff! [Won by Snak]

    i'd've signed up but i dont have any teams lol
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    it is with great sadness that i must report: paddington is a fucking class traitor

    paddington bear is wearing a coat with nothing on underneath, which is somehow worse than winnie the pooh going bottomless because it means that paddington is three coat buckles away from flashing you with his bock at any one moment
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    ,,evergreen'' tweets

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    just hit reply to dorron's post to instantly unpack the nested spoilers in the quoted text (i actually discovered this while replying to the post to say that inspect console -> expand all also unpacks it)
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    Morbius drinking game rules

    ahhhhhhh, I'm finna morb! im morbing lol
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    Morbius drinking game rules

    I'll start: - down the rest of your drink when Morbius says "It's Morbin' time" - drink when a villain gets morbed on - drink twice whenever civilians get morbed on