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    Sticky Smogon Sprite Project

    Yeah it's definitely not an "elite" group, compared to everyone else on the project I'm an absolute novice who just wanted to help out in any way. I wasn't on Smogon either (although I used the XY and SM sprites all the time) until someone told me to apply after seeing one of my sprites on...
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    SM Doubles OU Cute But Deadly

    Thank you for the advice, that's really helpful! Taunt would definitely work on Gengar, and then I can easily replace Whimsicott's Taunt with Protect because there'll still be a Taunter on the field early on. Moonblast almost definitely seems like the better option now, Giga Drain's let me down...
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    SM Doubles OU Cute But Deadly

    Hi everyone! I've been into battling for years, but I've only just gotten into Doubles, and I'm a bit unsure of if this team I've created is any good. It's worked decently in battles I've done (60/40 in terms of wins/losses), but I definitely think there's some improvements to be made. Any...