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    Gen 1 15/15/15/15 DVs are impossible (in most cases)

    Yes, in this case the hRandomSub read is irrelevant to the DVs generated later through hRandomAdd for the reasons you're stating. It's the map's encounter rate what limits the spread. The thing about GSC is that, as you say, the option to resort to Sweet Scent gets rid of the dependency with...
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    There Were 190 Pokémon!

    Some relevant things and/or personal conclusions (read OP first): - Those 39 Pokemon were probably never part of the game at all. They probably created numbered designs at a faster pace and inserted the Pokemon into the game as they felt like, respecting the numeration of the designs, hence the...
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    Gen 2 Gen 2 PS Development - Post bugs here

    I think doipy hooves argument here is that link battle Crystal mechs should be favored over regular battle Crystal mechs, which I do agree with. Granted it's not a relevant enough mechanic for the most part to be labelled as a priority.
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    All Gens Gorgie. [Old Gens Team Dump]

    So 10 years later we still haven't managed to save Smogon on a floppy disk, but at least we've now saved Floppy on a Smogon thread.
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    Gen 2 Improving Gen 2 Random Battles on PS!

    As you are suggesting, the main reason keeping NFEs from being added to GSC randbats is lack of people interested on working on it. I spent a lot of time polishing the movesets of FEs, and I just don't have the time or motivation to go through it for NFEs too. I do agree that the inclusion of...
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    Gen 2 Improving Gen 2 Random Battles on PS!

    Levels are tier based. All OU's are at level 68 while all NU's are at level 78. Typical NU Pokemon don't peak at level 100 in order to fit the weaker Unown and possibly NFEs in the future, just like in RBY. Do you really think the gap between top and bottom tiers should be bigger? I don't think...
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    Gen 1 Freeze Clause Removed from Gen1 Random Battle

    To be honest it's just irrelevant. It doesn't remotely make the tier uncompetitive let alone change it for the most part. I don't think that we should make a big deal out of this, consistency across tiers of the same generation is just as valid as an argument to keep Freeze Clause on, but the...
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    Gen 3 Random Battle (LIVE!)

    Dark♥Dreamerr♥Luna: ok Dark♥Dreamerr♥Luna: who the hell Dark♥Dreamerr♥Luna: decided to make noctowl Dark♥Dreamerr♥Luna: have rest talk insomnia Dark♥Dreamerr♥Luna: for randbats
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    Gen 2 Improving Gen 2 Random Battles on PS!

    I disagree with the fact that Jumpluff should always have damaing moves, since most of the times you'd barely do 10% through leftovers. That said, I could see how at least either Toxic or Leech Seed should be ensured, which would be a better source of damage than Giga/hpfly for Jumpluff most of...
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    Gen 3 Random Battle (LIVE!)

    I could expand on the many suboptimal movesets that I've found but I think the problem is mostly to do with the implementation itself. If you don't contemplate the option to define mandatory, exclusive, and/or combo moveslots, you really have to cut all the "barely useful" moveslots, because...
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    Gen 3 Random Battle (LIVE!)

    Before I forget, here are some suboptimal sets found in my first 3 battles in this format: drillpeck-less murkrow hpgrass + razor leaf meganium recoverless porygon2 spikesless cloyster fireblast + heatwave ninetales solarbeam w/o sunny day exeggutor
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    All Gens RoA Room Championship

    Are you telling me that all my efforts of topping the leaderboard playing almost exclusively Gen 1 and Gen 2 random battles just evaporated, and that the reward in return is that I get to qualify for a tournament that includes 4/6 gens that I don't play?
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    Multi-gen RoAPL 3 —︎ Finals [Won by Pyrite Town Pichus]

    Won with some crucial end game luck, gg.
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    Gen 2 Improving Gen 2 Random Battles on PS!

    For anyone interested, this is pretty much done.