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  1. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer - mark 24 (READ THE OP)

    If I have the Enigma Stone wondercard but haven't received the item yet and I start a new game in HG, will that wondercard be erased? Basically I'm asking if I can start a new game in HG and keep the unclaimed Enigma Stone. If not, is there any way to get the Enigma Stone again upon starting a...
  2. Final Grades/GPA thread/School/University Discussion

    Yeah, there are fees and it was pretty expensive, but my parents and I both agreed that the more I apply to, the better since I'm applying to such selective colleges. It's better to apply to 10 schools and get into 2 of them than apply to only 4 and get into 0, even if it means spending an extra...
  3. Final Grades/GPA thread/School/University Discussion

    Applied to: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Dartmouth, Columbia, Penn, Duke, Hopkins, UVA, Drexel, Muhlenberg, and maybe Maryland. My stats are there and I thought my personal statement was good, but it's a crapshoot everywhere nonetheless.
  4. Final Grades/GPA thread/School/University Discussion

    I finished applying to college two days ago. Twelve damn schools. I'm glad it's over though, now just to wait 3 months for decisions.
  5. Hitmonlee (Update)

    Status: Proofreading Stage Tell me if I need to do the Counters section [OVERVIEW] <p>Hitmonlee is statistically the most powerful Fighting-type Pokemon in UU and is blessed with a myriad of attack options to complement its impressive stats. It's...
  6. Project II: Truncated Paragraphs + Analyses Format Update

    I'd like to reserve Hitmonlee (UU) which brings my total number of reservations up to the maximum of three.
  7. Froslass (UU analysis)*

    3.14159 go pi
  8. Forretress (Update)*

    mostly minor changes, usage corrections, and grammar corrections
  9. Project: Hold

    Some of those can be fixed quite easily: While I admit it's not these might not be the most eloquent ways to solve the problem, it cuts the ambiguity down for at least the short term.
  10. Gible (Analysis)

    Your first sentence doesn't make sense. While Gible may be running max atk/spa stat wise, the EVs suggest differently, so someone new to LC (me) would find it confusing. Also, you can't 'shed' through a team. My change says essentially what yours meant to, but does it in 3 flowing and coherent...
  11. (Archive) Small Objective Changes Thread
  12. Pokemon and the Competitive Exclusion Principle

    It's odd how natural laws tend to work the same way in Pokemon. For those of you who don't know, the Competitive Exclusion Principle states that no two organisms can occupy the same niche in an environment for an indefinite period of time; one of the two organisms will be driven to extinction...
  13. Machop (Concise)*

    If you have any questions about my suggestions, I'd be more than happy to accommodate you.
  14. Tentacruel (Concise)

    Status: Proofreading Stage If I'm doing something wrong with the format, someone please let me know Do I need to do anything to the counters section? Overview: done Toxic Spiker: done Sleep Talk Support: done Swords Dancer: done Optional Changes: done...