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    Penis's Urethra

    Penis's Urethra
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    Spotify Pie Chart

    It doesn't have the fancy pie chart or names in different sizes, but for people who find this stuff interesting, there's an app called Spotistats with a similar concept that shows you info about your listening, if you use Spotify I recommend downloading it
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    Beef Related Meals

    Sounds like you have beef with beef
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    I Realized that...

    I also created this account the day of my birthday :v4:
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    It’s time for a celebration of a very important holiday

    March 17th was the date of my conception too :v4:
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    Poor Ukraine

    Poor Ukraine
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    Ideas You Had

    A water bottle that tells you how much you've drank. So the thing on those fountains that say how many water bottles you've saved, but on your water bottle.
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    Posters United

    Posters United
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    How well did you do on your New Years Resolutions/long-term goals this year? (+ goals for next year)

    Didn't really have many specific goals from last year. I guess I did always want to learn piano, and I've learnt how to play the chords to songs I'm learning, which was pretty much what I was wanting to do. I can get through my scales but my technique is pretty terrible. Admittedly, though, I'm...
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    embarassing shit you did on the forums

    Put in so much work that I actually got a badge
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    no post november

    Fellas We made it We fucking made it
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    Poggers University

    Poggers University
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    no post november

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    Stupid Misconceptions I had in my life (feel free to share yours too!)

    I thought maniacal was pronounced maniac-ull
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    Should work

    Should work