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  1. 2011 Music

    ^ I enjoyed TEINCDP more, this one kinda bored me but it was still a solid release. For some fucking epic psychedelic post-rock, grails new album deep politics has absolutely blown me away...
  2. new metalheads thread

    Im really excited about new opeth and meshuggah but both are far away :/ Listening to we are the void. I still think fiction is better...
  3. new metalheads thread

    New darkest hour is respectable, I enjoyed it but I really have nothing to compare it to so could someone rec the best darkest hour album out there?
  4. new metalheads thread

    Get hold of all of Cloudkicker's stuff NOW!!!!
  5. new metalheads thread

    I'v heard both and each has it's own merit/demerit I wouldn't rate holy mountain higher then dopesmoker but I wouldn't rate it vice versa either. They are both good in their won way. Just got hold of agalloch's discography. Going to hit that next...
  6. new metalheads thread

    Heard it, just downloaded it and heard it. Listening to sleep's dopesmoker for the first time. it's fucking epic. If godzilla got stoned and walked across the city then sleep's dopesmoker is what it would sound like.
  7. new metalheads thread

    Been on a doom/sludge/stoner run lately. Listening to the likes of Eyehategod, sleep, High on fire, Weedeater, kylesa, you get the drift...
  8. Metalheads United ;D

    Im not placing my opinion before his, just saying that calling them shit is your opinion and I dont agree. I think they are great. And I was questioning if he's actually heard them or just read the tag and decided it "sucks". But yeah sure, whatever... Subjectivity is a bitch. Lets just end there.
  9. Metalheads United ;D

    Have you heard monothiest? Really. Name one band aside from triptykon that sounds anything like monotheist and triptykon is the continuation of the same project. WiiTr is The best according to me in atmosperic black metal and that is in no way even close to main stream metal hence the...
  10. Metalheads United ;D

    If I start listing then this could be awhile. but ill copy paste a few. Essential Heavy Metal: Motorhead Judas Priest Iron Maiden Balck Sabbath Pantera Pantera was like the first groove metal band with great power ballads. Great stuff even with the sterotype of being shitty. Thats where...
  11. Metalheads United ;D

    Man stop judging so god damn hard. He not only going for ^ stuff. He's also checking out atmospheric black metal and folk metal and other obscure genres within metal and not just straight up black/death/doom. And the some of the other bands are pretty essential listening for any metal head...
  12. 2011 Music

    New Textures in 2011. Can't wait. New red hot chilli peppers TBA.
  13. 2010 music

    Well this thread is going to die out now so just wanted to say that it's been a great fuckin year and thanks for all the recs and shit I took from here. Peace out...
  14. I can't stop

    Cigarettes and caffeine for one. Music for the other.
  15. hardest boss

    Metal gear zeke in metal gear solid portable ops on the psp..