I'm Dashspin, a 16-year-old who loves Pokémon with all his heart. I've been playing the Doubles format against others for a very long time, and recently got into PS! about a month before the official release date of X/Y. I'm currently a Moderator in the Smogon Doubles chatroom. I got there relatively fast after being voiced from the voice challenge in January 2014. I care a lot about the room and the progression and popularity of the Smogon Doubles tier. Anyone who has a question or just wants to have a good time should definitely join the chatroom. I rose to the rank I am not because I am harsh and demanding, but because I'm easy to talk to and willing to help out others.

I play Super Smash Bros for 3DS! Add my FC above then tell me yours if you want to play!
Oct 4, 1998 (Age: 25)
Michigan, USA
Favorite Pokémon
My Characteristic
Often lost in thought
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[19:42:45] %SpaceBass: 100% of alcoholics started on milk
[19:42:50] %SpaceBass: Man milk

[21:05:54] @Dashspin: do you feel like a real man social?
[21:06:09] +Social: I've felt like a real man since my first period B)

Come join us in the Doubles chatroom! All newcomers are welcome!